Strange Attractors

It’s got to be because Mercury is in retrograde.  Things have just been completely weird since that happened at the beginning of this month.  First friend L goes on a simple trip to visit her daughter, winds up in hospital, then comes back ready to leave everything behind and move to CA.  G starts stressing over this big time.  I mean huge. Not that her friend is moving, but that she feels like she has to take on everything from packing her house to selling it for her.  I’ve encouraged her to back off a bit, to try to disengage.  She says she knows that she should, but doing it–a bit more difficult.

Then, there’s the yard. Right now, it’s just completely gorgeous. Some of the later spring flowers are gone, but the POUNDS (really) of wildflower and zinnia seeds that G just tossed around this spring are bustin’ out all over and you can’t turn around without a hummingbird or a goldfinch buzzing or cheeping at you to get out of the way.  It’s truly magic.  And that’s not the only thing the garden has attracted.

From time to time, people show up here.  Sometimes they just walk past and look and look and look over the fence. Sometimes they stop and lean over the fence and look longingly at St. Francis or the fountain or the veggies.  Sometimes, they ask for a tour. This happens a lot during state fair time (coming up).  We’ve had people say they passed the yard on the way to the fair (we’re just off the highway), and on their way out of town, they stop to see if we will let them wander through the yard. Mostly we do. It’s one of the reasons we have the yard this way.  We offer produce and blessings.

A few weeks ago, a down the street neighbor stopped at the yard. We had seen him walking his 3 little dogs in the park but he hadn’t spoken before.  Actually, he stuck his head over the back fence and spoke to G–while she was running a circular saw, unfortunately.  He scared the shit out of her and it was lucky she didn’t lose a couple of fingers.  That was a bit off-putting, but she let him come in with the dogs and I came out (it was evening) and we all chatted.  Turns out he’s gay, living along, was a nurse, now studying in the culinary arts program at the local community college.  One thing led to another in conversation as it does.  I mentioned transcription and writing.

Oops.  This guy is a bit (well more than a bit) manic.  He’s one of those guys that’s tall and rangy like a whippet.  No body fat whatsoever. You can tell his mind is a constant hamster wheel of ideas and ideations.  A shrink would have a field day with him. He blurts out whatever comes to his mind with no filter or whatever.  G of course offered to let him come sit on the porch whenever he felt upset or agitated.  I was like, Whoa, baby, hold the fort, but he heard it.  Since then, he’s taken her up on the offer. To be fair, he’s also done some weeding for her, so she’s happy about that.

Our wonderful next-door neighbor, Steve, questioned him the first time, and told us about it. We let him know it was okay if the guy sat on the porch if we weren’t there. But then he started going on about this book he was writing and how it was going to “save the food”.  And how he NEEDED me to “transcribe” it (I think he meant edit or maybe even write it). I just sort of let all that flow over my head, ummm-hmmm, isn’t that interesting and not making any more comments about it.

Last night he showed up at the front door while we were watching TV, wanting to speak to “the writer” about a contract.  I really wanted to run away.  I went out on the porch and talked to him.  Don’t want to let him in the house because he’s one of those people who don’t know when to leave, right? So he started on about this “book” and how he was going to sell it 25 pages at a time on @mazon, etc.  Again, I nodded and uh-huh’d. He’s told me several times he was going to bring it to me (on paper, I guess) but can’t seem to get it out of the house.  Last night it was because his printer ran out of ink. I finally asked him if he had email. He said yes.  I told him to email me something and I would look at it and let him know. He started talking about contracts again. I said I couldn’t go there until I saw something.  It was very bizarre, because at one point when I said I really couldn’t commit to helping him, he started to get agitated.

So, he sent me a one-sentence email this morning, rather bizarre, not unexpected, and I wrote back and told him there was nothing attached to it, and did he mean to send me something because if he did it didn’t come through.  And we will see.  I know the yard drew him here, but I’m not sure what else I’m supposed to do with this rather lost soul.  I think he’d do better by simply sitting under the redbud tree and deep breathing for a while.

More as the story unfolds.


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