Mornings in the garden are just the best. Watching the sun come up, listening to everything come awake for one more beautiful day, another chance to get it right–because you can’t get it wrong, right? The following were taken in the low morning light without flash. The camera makes it seem much lighter than it was, but really the sun wasn’t even up yet.  Managed to get a couple of photos of one of our morning visitors before his/her playmate came and they dashed off together.  If you want to come by for morning coffee, you’re welcome.

The large green mound at the bottom of the photo is a cucumber vine that G trailed up a small, slanted trellis.  We have gotten the most amazing cukes from this one!

Pumpkin in a pot:

I NEVER get tired of seeing them:

The goldfinches love this spot!

Morning. Glory.

When the hummies aren’t at the feeders, they’re in these trumpet vine flowers.  Almost got one, be he was too fast for me.

How can I be in a bad mood when I get to wake up to this every morning?

Wishing you all a wonderful day!


4 thoughts on “Perfusion

  1. Exquisite abundance!! I would show up for morning coffee if you weren’t so far away. But I will sit in my own garden on this side of the country and virtually clink coffee cups with you.

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