Finally Tall Enough

Since I’m freaking out and since we leave this afternoon and I won’t have another swim until the BIG swim, I decided to do a post that’s totally unrelated to swimming, training, exercise or working out.

A few weeks ago, we spent the weekend at our friends’ B and M’s house.  They have a lovely place east of Pueblo out in the farmlands and staying out there is better than going to a spa. In the morning, wandering around the kitchen and rustling up some breakfast, G discovered that M (who is short) keeps a little upholstered step-stool there so she can get things out of their tall cabinets.  G (5’4″) always complains that she gets a crick in her neck trying to reach up to kiss me (5’9″). Thanks to M’s little stool, no longer a problem.  Guess we’ll have to get one of those for our house! 😉

I leave you with the following. Thanks for all your good thoughts and encouraging words.  With luck and all my previous hard work, I’ll be back with lots of stories!


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