Hello out there in blog land!  We are home safe and sound.  We arrived late Tuesday night completely knackered as you might imagine, and I had the next day off to do fun things like unpack, do laundry and run to the grocery store.  After that, right back into work and extra freelance work so I can finance the next journey (Oh, yes, there is going to be one. More on that later.)

But I can hear you now, all on tenterhooks, so I’ll spare you. The swim was an utter, complete and smashing SUCCESS.  I met my two goals of 1) making the swim in an hour and 2) NOT being the last person out of the water.  I was thrilled on all counts.  I’ve just spent the last hour organizing and resizing a lot of photos but I’m plain too tired to go forward so I’ll just leave you with a couple of quick ones:

G and me in Chinatown on Friday before the swim.  Taken by friend GL who lives in Novato (you saw her in the Jerome shots):

I LOVE this photo!  And here’s one of the two of us–partners in crime:

And then, on Saturday after the swim (serendipity ruled this entire trip), I got to meet up with the fun and fabulous Roxy and her friend Aaron.  I’ve always had great experiences meeting folks I’ve come to know online and this was no exception. Meeting her was like picking up the thread of a wonderful conversation.  We all had tons of fun and Roxy and Aaron were kind enough (or devilish enough 😉 ) to take us to a couple of their favorite places off the tourist track, Mr. S Leather and Wicked Grounds Coffee Shop.  Delicious AND educational!  So, that’s a little taste of our trip.  I’ll get the tale of the swim and how we met Roxy up soon, I promise.  In the meantime, enjoy the appetizer!




2 thoughts on “Back!!

  1. I’m about to read the update, but first wanted to say:

    YAY! You are amazing! I was thinking about you over the weekend, and I thought, Anyone who can walk backwards over the Pyrenees Mountains can swim to Alcatraz!

    Also, in that top picture… is G standing on a box? 🙂

    AND, you met Roxy!

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