I Love My Kitchen

G got the cleaning bug this week (more so than usual) and got the A/C unit out of the kitchen window and cleaned all of them so now we are getting more lovely sunlight.  Last night we had our first dip below freezing and covered several of the tomato plants that still have a lot of fruit.  Plus we picked another huge bowl of peppers. And I’m drying another load of yellow pear tomatoes.  But before that, I took this photo yesterday morning:

I love the light in the morning.  The bag on top of the book is full of raisins that I made in the dehydrator.  Trust me, once you make your own raisins, you’ll never buy them again. The plant is a lemon tree that G got  me this year.  I love it!  I don’t know if I’ll ever get a lemon off of it (though it did have a flower this summer), but even the leaves smell lemony. The jar to the right of the tree and the plastic container on the other side of the big red pepper are full of dried tomatoes.  I’ll transfer them to a bigger jar and cover them with oil once this next batch is done.

That red pepper is bigger than a softball and came off one of the plants in the front.  It’s going to get stuffed today and be dinner for two!  The windowsill is lined with Mortgage Lifter tomatoes.  I can’t bear to roast or cook them.  They are the most delicious eatin’ tomatoes I’ve ever had.  And I’ve got homemade bread in the fridge, so tomato sandwiches are a staple.  I’ll not go without the Mortgage Lifters in the yard ever again.  Best. Tomatoes. Ever.  And it’s not in the photo but on the other side of the kitchen, there’s a HUGE bowl with the rest of the basil from the yard.  More pesto today and all the flower spikes will go in the dehydrator as well.  I can’t tell you how good the kitchen smells right now.  So, it’s upstairs for more coffee, breakfast and planning the day with G.

Life is so good!


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