The Year of Kaput

Wednesday, G had a guy come out to inspect our furnace before winter settles in. We’ve had someone out nearly every year to do this, but this was a new place.  Well, not new, they’ve been in Pueblo for over 40 years, but we’ve never had them out before. The guy was great. G of course stayed down with him and watched everything.  Apparently, this guy opened the very guts of the furnace, something none of the others had done before. Lo and behold, we discovered that the solder on the pipes that run from the heat exchanger to the blower was completely broken. What does this mean? Carbon monoxide leak, for sure. Even though we have a CO detector right down here which has never gone off.  So, immediately the furnace was red-lined. He cut the wires, and it is officially OFF.  Thankfully, we’re in that weather phase of 50 degree temperature changes, so it might be chilly in the morning, but it’s in the 80s during the day.

We got the estimates today to replace the furnace.  Looks like we’ll squeak in with a new furnace and a coil on top to add central air if we want to in a couple of years for just under 4K, all inclusive.

I have officially renamed 2011 as “The Year of Kaput”. Everything we own that has a motor has gone out on us this year.  The explosion in the garage, the fridge, the other fridge, the washing machine, the swamp cooler, the microwave. Even the coffee maker, I think.  Oh and all the plumbing stuff.  Just before G left to move friend L to CA, she dug a grave-sized hole in the backyard (yes, she dug it by herself), and fixed a leaking pipe/faucet that was connected to our defunct sprinkler system, then put a big PVC pipe over it so she can reach this tool down into it to turn it on and off and replaced all the dirt and planted grass back over it.

AND she’s about ready to chuck the dryer even though it’s only a couple of years old. She hates it. HATES it.  She’s constantly afraid it’s going to spontaneously combust because the lint trap is too close to the heater element.

However, I’ll say this time, she didn’t go into a tizzy about having to fix the furnace.  Because it IS a life and death matter.  We’ll figure it out. We’ll use our credit cards or something. I’m grateful to have the gas heater down here to use if I need to. I’m grateful that my job right now has lots of overtime and I’m trying to work at least an hour or two every day.  We’ll get it paid for. The washer is almost done and then we just have the plumbing and now the furnace.  My IRS debt is nearly paid.  Of course, I went deeper into hock with my daughter and paid off her back utilities so she could start fresh.  Never, EVER trust anyone to pay the bills when you’re not there standing over them every day. Once again, an ex ruins me.  Not even my ex. And I’m not ruined, just set back.  As always, I will survive (cue Gloria Gaynor).

In better news, I found one of those Living Social deals and we are taking a getaway in Vail shortly.  Vail!  I’ve never been there. Most of my exploring in Colorado has been to the south and east. I’m really looking forward to it.  This was a good deal–about half the price of what it would normally be, plus resort and parking fees were included.  We’ll enjoy the room, the view, and wander around Vail Village.  Who knows, maybe we’ll even spot a celebrity or two.  Anything to get my mind off the “kaput” factor.

AND in even better news–GS1 made the cut for his middle school basketball team!!  Tryouts were this week and he got through it.  Brought his grades up and everything.  His first game is next week and of course doting gramma will post some pics.  According to his mom, all he did this summer was practice, practice, practice at the hoop on their cul-de-sac.  And there are some public courts near their house and I guess some of her guy friends played with him and were surprised by how good he is.  And, at his physical the doctor told him that he was the size of “an average 14-year-old”. This is great, since he’s 11.

So, our mod-cons might be kaput, but we’re all still here and we’re going strong.  It takes more than a few explosions, carbon monoxide leaks and backed up sewer pipes to get us down.  I fully expect next year will be the year of the come-back.  I can’t wait!

Happy Weekend.



2 thoughts on “The Year of Kaput

  1. Oh lordy! You have had a run of it! Yes, next year will be better ~ not much more can break down, right?!

    Way to go GS1! Athletics can be a saving grace for a lot of kids. It has helped immeasurably with our niece. In fact, since Cross Country ends next week and the kids have a month until the start of Track, I told T that she and Angela had to go running AT LEAST every other day. That kid is a nightmare when she doesn’t have a physical outlet.

    Hang in there, GG! Twenty Eleven is almost done… and enjoy Vail!

  2. e–I’m afraid to say “what else can go wrong” because then something does! 😉 But that is just life. We will mange and look forward to 2012!

    xoxoxoxo back!


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