Because Sometimes, Only Purple Will Do

It was finally time.  My hair had grown out enough from my early-September buzz cut and I needed the boost.  It was time for purple.  I first colored my hair purple way back during the hotel years as a joke, for Halloween.  I found some over the counter stuff and I really liked it.  Didn’t show up much on the black part of my hair but really set off the grey (of which I had much less at that time).  Since then, I’ve done it on and off, but the last time I really colored my hair was for our wedding, and by the time the actual day rolled around, the purple had faded into a kind of maroon color which was okay is it exactly  matched the outfit I wore.  Still, I was a bit disappointed as I really like PURPLE  hair.

So, I made an appointment today with my lovely stylist Arleen and G and I headed over there today.  It was also the first snow of the season here, we have no idea when our furnace will be going in and I was feeling a bit drab:

As you can see, my hair has grown out quite a bit–and has way more “salt” in it now.  All for the good as Arleen went to work at once:

She actually used two different colors a purple and a brilliant blue, which got me even more jazzed.  I want to change the meaning of the phrase, “blue-haired old lady”!

After I was sufficiently coated, I popped under the dryer to process and read People magazine, my favorite salon pastime.  Then it was time to do the washout:

Even with cold water, having someone else wash your hair is a treat.  Then, she added a touch of leave in conditioner and I was ready for whatever.

The flash kinda washes it out, but it really is vivid.  I think I have a bit of a Simon Cowell look going, only I’m a lot nicer than he is even at my grumpiest. 😉

And finally, my signature “look”:

I am totally ready for Halloween, tricks, treats and everything in between.  Nothing like a little purple to lift your spirit!

Boo everybody!  Oh, and GS1’s first B-ball game is tonight too, so send out some good vibes for a WIN!


8 thoughts on “Because Sometimes, Only Purple Will Do

  1. Thanks, darlin’! She didn’t actually cut it–that’s just the outgrowth from my buzz for SF. But she’s a wizard with the color.

  2. Thanks, e!! Arleen is the BEST…she’s the only one who’s cut or colored my hair since I’ve lived in Pueblo. I wore the purple shirt in case she got color on my clothes–it would blend right in! Fortunately, she’s a pro–not a drop anywhere but on my head. 😉

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