Back To Basics

Wednesday, another day off, I got up early, around 5 a.m. and did something I purely love to do.  I made a pot of coffee, grabbed my fuzzy off the bed, got the book I’m reading at the moment and settled down on the couch in the living room to read until the sun came up. This is something I have loved to do since I can remember and I can’t remember the last time I did it.  I read till nearly 7, utter bliss, 2 uninterrupted hours. By then, G was moving around and we had a nice time in the hot tub with more coffee, then I made breakfast and decided it was time to tackle my meditation/yoga room.  Over the last couple of days since my whine-y post, I’d been thinking about various ways of getting back into exercising but still trying to honor what the winter season is telling my body.  On Tuesday, I mentioned I sorted through magazines.  A big stack of those were my back issues of Yoga Journal.  I really love this magazine and in each issue is a home practice series with illustrations and good instructions on how to do each pose and flow from one into the other.  I realized I had my answer.  I searched through the house and rounded up a couple years’ worth of magazines, opened them up to the home practices which are usually a double page spread.  Then I stacked them up and carried them downstairs. 

Then, I put on some delicious Loreena McKinnett to get me totally in the mood for cleaning a spiritual space and went to town.  That space was really clogged with stagnant energy but by the time I was done, even though the physical dimensions of the room hadn’t changed, the place was light and airy and welcoming.  I put the yoga magazines under the low table that holds various candles and other goodies and everything was ready.

My earlier decision was to get back to the basics of my yoga work. I’ve been off the mat for quite a while, and I need to get back to it.  Therefore, I decided that every week or so, I’ll pick a different home practice sequence and work at it for several days.  I’ll strive for doing this immediately after I’m done work, to help rev me up after a long day of sitting still.  I started with this one on Thursday.  It’s aptly titled “Opening Ceremony” and while it seems quite easy (and is), I definitely felt the poses in the muscles of my mid back the next day. It felt good to get back on the mat and move my body in this way.

Yesterday was a little problematic.   It was Veterans’ Day, and G and I were going to lunch and then GS2 was supposed to get some kind of award at his school and we wanted to be there.  I flexed my time, working extra on Thursday evening and starting early yesterday.  Then I had told the boys I’d take them swimming last night at the family swim night at the college pool.  So, there went yoga…but I DID get back in the water for the first time since SF, so it was all good.  Played water b-ball and frisbee and then took them to DQ for chili dogs and Blizzards after.  They spent the night and I introduced GS1 to one of my favorite moves, “Hoosiers”.  He was quite into it all the way through, even through the one “kissy” part, except he did comment when Gene Hackman kissed Barbara Hershey, “How OLD is he?” which I thought was hilarious.

He finally got to sleep about midnight which meant I actually had a bit of time this morning, so I did this sequence. It was great since I’ve been having some chronic and really annoying neck pain recently.  It really helped.  After work today, I’ll return to the Opening Ceremony.  At first, I thought I’d try a new sequence every day, but then I realized I want to concentrate on learning these poses, so I’ll work on them until I can program them into my body memory–or until I decide I’m not fond of a particular sequence.  I know the poses I’d need help with and so will skip those.  I have enough props (bolsters, blocks, straps and blankets) so that I can modify most poses to work for me.

I’m excited about this!  I think it’s a perfect thing to do during these darker, chillier months, to hunker down and relearn the strength and flexibility of my own body.  Plus, I’ll have the bike on the trainer, and I’ll still swim and when it’s sunny outside, I can hit the road for a walk around the lake.  But this choice to renew my acquaintance with yoga and develop it into a deeper relationship feels good.  It feels right and that means I will probably keep up with it.

And then, today, the lovely and talented Making Space, shared this amazing thing:

It’s exactly where I want to be right now.


3 thoughts on “Back To Basics

  1. Sounds great. I’m getting back into yoga practice myself, a favorite teacher of mine finally has a class at the Y that I can attend. My husband joined me for it last night for the first time and it was great…though we are both feeling it today, been too long since we’ve practiced! Enjoy your yoga winter, GG!

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