Music Meme

I rarely do these things with iPods, etc.  In my case it’s an MP3.  I will probably never own an i-anything.  But either way, I thought I would do it because it’s something different.  The instructions are simple: Take out your ipod. Put on random selection.

FIRST song that appears answers the question. 

1) Describe your childhood:

Dance With Me by Uh Huh Her

I didn’t do a lot of dancing in my childhood, but whenever I begin my second childhood, I sure will…

2) What was your first crush like?

Rattled by The Traveling Wilburys

I honestly don’t remember my first crush, but “rattled” would sum it up for pretty much any of them.

3) What was high school like for you?

Dangerous by Roxette

Oh, my! I actually began to come into my own in high school, it wasn’t dangerous at all.  I had a lot of fun, but maybe that’s dangerous in itself.

4) What was college like for you?

Walking the Plank by Skyedance

That would have been after graduation…

5) Describe your first paying job.

Green River by Creedence Clearwater Revival

I worked in a library, so anything by Creedence would have been wildly inappropriate!

6) Describe your current job.

Run Through The Jungle by Creedence Clearwater Revival

Yeah, I run through the jungle of medical terms and bizarre accents mangling the English language every day. And yes, I LOVE Creedence.

7) Describe your boss or closest co-worker.

Cymbeline by Loreena McKinnett

Actually, her name is Patsy. (boss)

8 ) What do your siblings think about you?

Marionette by Chris Spheeris

I really have no idea what my siblings think of me, but I imagine they all probably look at me as a puppet…of SATAN!

9) What do your friends think of you?

Te Estoy Buscando by Ozomatli

That translates as “I’m looking for you,” and I think my friends probably realize there’s a lot more to me than I let most people see.

10) What do you think of your friends?

Beautiful, Dirty, Rich by Lady Gaga

Hmm, they’re all certainly beautiful, they can get down and dirty to have fun, and all of them have incredibly rich and full lives, so I guess that fits!

11) Describe your first kiss.

Back to the Rivers of Belief by Enigma

My first kiss was not a pleasant experience–not that it was traumatic or anything like that, just that it wasn’t with anyone I really wanted to kiss. After that I kind of quit trying, so I guess I went back to where I was more comfortable–in my own head. 

12)Describe your first sexual experience

All My Days by Steve McDonald

First of all, it was at night.  Second of all, it was very calculated on my part.  Third of all, I was never with that person again.

13) Describe your first date

Who’s to Blame by Chali2na

Yeah, that’s what I want to know!

14) What did you think the first time you met your current love?

Occasionally by Melissa Etheridge

At first, I only thought of her occasionally…

15) What did your partner think the first time he/she saw you?

How Can I Keep From Singing by Enya

Might be true, but what she tells me is that she literally lost her balance and tripped over her feet the first time she saw me.  I was in a conversation with 3 other people so I can’t verify that.

16) What do you think of your current love now?

A Day Without Rain by Enya

She’s always sunny, that’s for sure!

17) What does your current partner think of you now?

Rest Now by Melissa Ferrick

She probably wishes I’d rest a little LESS and work around the house a little more!

18) What describes your love life now?

Margarita by The Traveling Wilburys

I do like my tequila… 😉

19) What do you look like in the morning?

Knocking on Forbidden Doors by Enigma

Yeah, if you knock on our door too early, you might be sorry.

20) How do you see your life right now?

Turning Tables by Adele

I would never have thought I’d end up where I am, but now that I’m here, I wouldn’t change a thing!  I guess I turned the tables on life and got what I wanted.

21) Describe yourself.

Carino by Chris Spheeris

Roughly translated, that means “beloved”, and I know that I am.

Ok…your turn. Turn those ipods to shuffle…


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