A Little Weepy

I’m working today.  I don’t mind; I’m here at home, warm (new furnace ROCKS), it’s a sunshiny day in Colorado and after I get off work, we’re going out to B and M’s to have a big, traditional TG dinner.  B normally does not cook much, but TG is her thing and she does a full spread.  They also invited daughter and the boys to come, if they wanted to. They have emphasized that they will have the complete meal and no one really has to bring anything.  I let J know about the invite because I wasn’t sure what she and the kids were going to do this year, since there really isn’t an extended family to hand.  Still, I was kind of surprised when she said they would come out with us, but happy about it. It’s been a long time since we actually sat down to TG together.

We were up in Denver Tues/Weds for a VA appt and took the boys with us. Had a really good time, and got a few things from Whole Foods to bring to the feast.  When we took the boys home, J. said she would make a broccoli-rice casserole to take and just now, she IM’d me and said she was cooking a small turkey because she “didn’t want to show up empty-handed”.  I feel so silly getting teary-eyed over this, but damn.  Maybe my wayward girl is growing up a little.  She’s turning into a good woman.  Different from me, but that is just fine.  I’m beginning to realize, to really KNOW that she is someone I’d want to have my back. That’s a big deal; a really big deal.

Today, I am truly thankful.


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