Need A Wee Giftie? How About This?

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Our friend Monica ( ) came over yesterday to visit and brought with her some lovely things she’s been making and selling.  I don’t ordinarily do this, but these are cool, environmentally conscious and fun.  So, if you have friends who are bird lovers, or if you are yourself, consider getting a couple of these lovelies.  The small ones are $5.00, the larger ones $10.00 and she also has them in Christmas-tree shapes, both large and small. There’s a lot of seed/fruits/nuts packed into these.  I can guarantee your back yard critters will love them.  No preservatives whatsoever, either!  You can contact her directly at the above email or you can email me if you like. It’s definitely for a good cause!

This one is my personal favorite and she also does the reverse, with the corn mix on the outside and the thistle seed on the inside, looking like a big sunflower.  Sure to attract all your avian neighbors!

Merry Christmas to all of you and remember to support your local/small businesspeople!


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