Making Drugs

So, I wonder how many hits I’ll get on the blog with that title? It’s not what you think, though.  It’s not about making drugs like cooking up meth or other illegal things, but about the drugs your own body creates that really are good for you, totally legal and so easy to make you have to wonder why everyone’s sitting in front of their computer instead of out  making them.

I’m talking (writing) of course, about endorphins.

Friday was a tough day at work, as usual.  The flurry of stat files needed in a 2-hour turnaround, the plethora of sad and dreary cases, gunshots, car accidents, falls off ladders hanging Christmas lights and out of deer stands, etc.  We went out for Mexican food on Thursday night and I had margaritas and came home and drank tequila/coffee liqueur–like I needed that.  And we were supposed to go out to dinner with the Beavers on Friday night, too, and B & M were coming to the house at 4:30 and I NEEDED TO DO SOMETHING PHYSICAL.

So, with only a few minutes in between, I got myself out to the garage and finally got on the bike with my trusty MP3 player and Lady Gaga (I added “Americano” from Born This Way to my play list.  OMG, best bike-riding song ever!) and I put the damn thing into 17th gear and pushed it like I was Lance Armstrong in the Tour de France.  I could see the sweat flying off me in about 2 minutes.  I hadn’t done that kind of exercise in months.  There was a moment where I thought my heart might actually explode from shock, but then I felt this odd, sort of out of body calm descend over me, starting from the top of my head and carrying all the way through my body to my feet.  My legs stopped hurting, I breathed easier and I got through about 5 songs before I just had to stop.   I think if I hadn’t had to go to dinner, I might still be out there riding.

I made it to the restaurant. G was battling an acid attack and didn’t go.  I had a great time, was alert and focused (and only drank iced tea). I slept like a log that night and woke up at about 5 a.m. Saturday morning, ready to go do whatever.  I slept great last night, too, and after work today, G and I walked 4 miles, did a session in the hot tub and rooted for Chef Falkner to win the Next Iron Chef.  She’s going to the final battle and I’m psyched!

My former ennui/malaise (two of my very favorite words, but not my favorite feelings) have been pushed out by the rush of endorphins from just two sessions of vigorous cardiovascular exercise. It IS amazing what drugs can do and what’s even more amazing is that we can do it for ourselves without prescriptions or ugly side effects.  Not saying pharmacotherapy doesn’t have its place, just that there’s a lot we can do on our own.

 If you hadn’t guessed by now, my yoga schedule hasn’t been the best and I was feeling like one of those tree sloths that moves inches per hour and sleeps the rest of the time.  I will definitely keep on doing my yoga.  I need the stretching and the coordination it provides, but even in these cold and early dark days, it’s evident that I function on a much higher level when I get myself moving and sweating. 

So, here’s to the bike on the trainer, my feet on the road, and those wonderful endorphins that make everything feel better.



3 thoughts on “Making Drugs

  1. I need to get one of those contraptions. I haven’t been riding my bike to work – mostly because of the weather/darkness – and I sure do miss it. Plus, I’ve gained weight and feel stiff and sore all over… Yes, a good hard ride to nowhere sounds perfect!

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