Let’s All Go Watch the Christmas…Belly Dancing?

Saturday while I was working, I saw a post on FB from a friend of mine that she was going to be coming down from Denver on Sunday to perform in a belly dance show with her old troupe from down here.  I met Bean 10 years ago right after I moved out from 2nd husband into my wonderful, tiny apartment.  She came to the housewarming/women’s circle I had there for Imbolc. I was expecting 5 or 6 friends–13 women showed up and it was a wonderful, powerful event.  I am still in touch with many of the women I met that night.

Did I mention that I LOVE belly dancing? Leave aside that it’s fabulous exercise as all dance is, it’s also a wonderful celebration of the female form in all its shapes, sizes and ages.  This troupe personifies that.  Bean said get there early and she was right…there was standing room only.  We were lucky enough to get great seats and photos were encouraged.  Enough said–feast your eyes:

Santa’s elves never looked so good!


This woman did her very first solo ever (not this particular dance).  Truly one gorgeous dancer:

This red-hot mama had the whole place eating out of her hand. She was amazing!

Moulin Rouge, anyone?

Sadly, my camera battery died before the show was over.  It was a wonderful performance all the way round and I got to meet up with Bean afterward and reconnect over pizza.  Maybe I’ll skip the triathlon this year and take up belly dancing…or maybe belly dancing would help me train!

Either way, Merry Christmas to all from snow Colorado!


One thought on “Let’s All Go Watch the Christmas…Belly Dancing?

  1. Gorgeous pictures! And, speaking of which, I love that picture from last winter that you are using for your header.

    Thought about you this week with that storm blasting through… hope you are warm!


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