New Year, New Thoughts

Happy New Year, blog-land! It’s a chilly 28 degrees here in Pueblo, the sun is trying to shine through a layer of high, thin clouds, and I’m down here at my desk waiting for some work. So far in 3 hours, I’ve done 6 jobs.  Hooo-eee, I’ll be breaking the bank today for sure! G is upstairs with the boys who stayed over last night and will be here tonight too, since my daughter decided to head to Denver for NY and her birthday (tomorrow). I guess it’s tough having a birthday just after the holidays, but I told her if she’d managed to show up on time, she would have already had it on December 15 (which is, oddly, G’s son’s BD).

Last night was quiet, but fun. We got a 2nd Wii controller and a new Wii game so the boys could play together or we could play with one of them. They played and I made dinner and G got a box of these which we shared out for dessert.  The boys had never seen anything like them. They were quite impressed. GS2 and I watched a little TV but we both knew he was never going to make it anywhere near midnight.  He’s a run-till-you-drop boy and he drops early, usually before 8 p.m.  GS1 played on the computer, and G tried to relax. We’re both still fighting the sleep battle but I may be gaining on it. More on that in a minute.

GS1 nearly gave himself a heart attack when G’s computer suddenly “went out” on him.  He tiptoed in to me and looked horrified.  G was dozing on the bed, so I went into the office and scrabbled around on the floor, and discovered that his big ol’ foot had just knocked the surge protector slightly out of the socket, causing a complete system shutdown.  Got it restarted and had to reboot the wireless router but all was well.  GS1 was so relieved he couldn’t stop hugging me.  I really think he thought he had ruined her computer and if that was the case, would have been major trauma for all concerned.

Then, G wanted to play so GS1 and I watched the last of one of my favorite movies ever, The Abyss.  I got to see the director’s cut with no commercials from the beginning and he drifted in and out of the room, but at the end he was riveted, so much that he didn’t even want to change the channel to watch the ball drop in NYC at 10 p.m. our time. Yep, he’s definitely MY grandson!  He tried valiantly to make it to midnight but I noticed he wasn’t talking to me as much and by 10:30 he, too, was history.

Managed to get up and get a shower this morning and have coffee and even get to work before GS2 popped awake and hungry.  I pulled one of these:

out of the freezer last night, so popped it into the oven, cooked some bacon and breakfast was served.  Now they’re upstairs helping G take down the Christmas tree and the rest of the yard decorations and I’m down here waiting for the next job.

So, 2012.  Quite a milestone, this year, for a lot of reasons.  In just about 5 months, I’ll be 55. Double nickels. I don’t know why this particular number seems a bit more…portentous…than other years, but it does. It’s pretty obvious I’m going to do some serious thinking about how I earn my living. I spent a little time chatting with one of my former coworkers yesterday and she gave me a lot of valuable information regarding the direction of MT, electronic medical records, and medical information gathering in general. If I decide to stay in this profession, looks like more school might be in my future. That could actually be great if I could figure out a way to pay for it.  Wonder if there are some kinds of government re-training programs.  Hmmm. Research…

It’s now tomorrow.  Happy 29th birthday to my daughter. Boys are still here, and I just manage to get 2 reports done before the work dried up at the moment. I will say this…IF the work stays steady, then yes, it is possible to make the same amount or more $$ than I was being paid hourly, BUT…the work has to be there, and you can’t have a lot of long, pause-filled reports or your sunk. Nothing you can really count on.  So, kind of nerve wracking.  But, yes, possible under good circumstances. Sadly, those circumstances haven’t been present for the last couple of months–at least not 24/7 for those on different shift.  But enough of that.

Yesterday, after I got off work, G, the boys and I got our tree taken down, then went for a walk around the Riverwalk. The Broncos where playing and GS1 was reluctant to leave the house. We made it up to him by going to one of our favorite Mexican places (also kind of a dive bar) and watching the last few mins of the game there while we chowed down on great food.  GS2 nearly blew a gasket laughing when I almost put ketchup on one of my tacos instead of salsa. Grabbed the wrong squeeze bottle. That boy would just eat ketchup through a straw if you let him, and I despise ketchup on anything except french fries.  Then we all went back home where I played those 2 yahoos in Mario Go-Kart Wii game and was promptly labeled “unteachable” because I couldn’t figure out how to use my powers. Again, 2 giggling boys nearly fell out on the floor laughing at the old lady trying to play the Wii. I admit, it was kinda funny.

It’s been a really good visit with them this time.  Maybe I can get them to dig into all the craft stuff this morning and make their mom a couple of BD cards for when she comes to pick them up. But at the moment, a stat report is calling my name and I better get to it.

It’s a new year, but some things don’t change!


3 thoughts on “New Year, New Thoughts

  1. We had the great nieces for NY’s. Actually, I’ve had them for most of last week. Lots of work, but so much fun. It brought back NY’s memories for me of staying with my grandparents for NY’s while they hosted friends for a card party. Simple snacks, a little ginger ale toast, and card games. Happy New Year to all of you!

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