Shakin’ It Up

I just now faxed a packet of 25 pages (yes, 25 PAGES) of documentation necessary for starting a new job.  Yes, possums, beginning Feb. 6, I’ll be offering my fabulous typing skills to a new company for a slightly higher pittance.  The current company’s workload on this account has dwindled considerably over the last few months, and with the change back to production, I’m looking at close to a 40% reduction in pay, since the work isn’t there to do.  However, the job numbers are interesting.  Each job has a 7-digit ID number, and over the last week we’ve gone from the 2900000s to the 2300000s and I KNOW we haven’t done no 100,000 jobs on OUR end, so who’s doing the jobs, eh?  That’s the critical question. 

So, the options are stay, bitch and worry about finances or strike out to hopefully greener pasture.  I chose the latter, tested with a company I’d heard about and lo and behold, they called me and offered me a position.  Now, here’s the real shakeup:

I’ll still be working from home, and I’ll still have my Tuesday/Wednesday off. In fact, the recruiter seemed surprised when I told her I worked both weekend days and didn’t mind it.  They usually try to schedule people to have at least one weekend day off.  But I like my weekdays with no crowds and no lines and since G doesn’t work, it’s all good.  However, I will now be working NOON till 8 p.m.  The more I thought about it, the more excited I got.

I am the quintessential morning person.  And I have been having the dickens of a time trying to get myself motivated to train for this damn triathlon I seem to have talked myself into.  In just a little over two more weeks, I’ll be able to get up, take a bit of time, and do my exercise in the MORNING, when I most love to do it.  I’m really excited about this change in shift.  I’m discovering that as I get a little older, I’m not so eager to go out into the freezing cold as I used to be. At least not until the sun is up. I warm up quickly, but just dragging myself out of a nice warm bed on a cold, dark winter morning, well, even the “Rocky” theme music doesn’t help anymore.

Now, I’ll be able to get up, still have my quiet time in meditation, stretching, t’ai chi, etc. and then I’ll be able to walk, bike, even swim if I want to get there by 6:30 a.m. and THEN I can settle down to work.  Or I can sleep in and have coffee and breakfast with G and still get in a walk.  AND, in the hot summer when it’s nearly impossible to help her outside after I’m done at 3–we can get out when it’s most beautiful and work in the garden together. Yes, I AM excited.  I’ve been needing some kind of a shift in my life and I think this is just the ticket.

I’m also just beginning work on another possible novel.  It’s much darker than my last, but a character emerged one day while I was sitting around thinking “what if” and I’m going with it.  It feels good to be getting words on paper again. We’ve got new garden seeds again and G found Mortgage Lifter seeds at our favorite local garden shop.  We had to take down one of our trees recently, as it was nearly dead. It was a variation of a willow that we planted right after we moved in and thought it was supposed to be shrub.  But, the energy of our place had other ideas and so it became a tree.  Now we lost our screen from our across the street neighbors and our next door neighbor lost his summer parking shade.  We haven’t decided yet what to plant. We’re thinking Rose of Sharon or possibly a lilac.  Lilacs grow huge here.  I’m also thinking of some kind of native grass that gets real tall and thick, if there is such a thing.  Any suggestions from the gallery?

And, in other, sadder news, my daughter called today to say that GS1 got suspended from school until Tuesday for apparently fighting with or ganging up on another kid. This happened on the way home from school yesterday, right at the edge of school property. I don’t exactly know what happened, since it was “observed” from a distance and reported by another parent.  My daughter was shocked–as was everyone. This kid has NEVER been in trouble since the day he set foot in school. Not once. In fact, just last week, he was bragging about how no one had picked on him or given him a hard time since he started 6th grade.  Please, everyone send some good vibes that the other parents don’t press charges because if they do, apparently it will be a felony.   I haven’t talked to him and I only told my daughter to try to stay calm and let him tell her what happened.  I really hope it’s all a tempest in a teapot. With all the other past history, this is not a shake up we need.

And, so not to end on a down note, yesterday, I decided to start participating in this really good thing. I read about it in the comments section of another blog, checked it out and it appealed to me.  If you love snapping photos and carry your camera everywhere, it’s definitely something to think about.

Oh, and I’m going to start participating in Haiku Monday.  If you want to check it out, go here and read about the theme for this coming Monday. It’ll be another way to combine my words and my photos–and good writing practice as well.

So, now that I’m shaken, not stirred, I’m going to retire and watch a bit of TV. The Mentalist is on tonight and I’m a big fan.

Take care, everybody!



5 thoughts on “Shakin’ It Up

  1. Lots going on for you, GG. Overall, good stuff. I’m holding the good thought for GS1.

    Big congrats on the new job! I know you will like the new hours.

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