Battle Cabbage Update

Because Eggy asked so sweetly and because I want her and friend Cindie to participate, the deadline for your Battle Cabbage is officially changed to Leap Day, or February 29, 2012.  That should give all of you ample time to come up with something extra super-duper fabulous.

We’re counting on you!

Oh, and by the way, THIS, right here, is my 850th blog post!  Wheee!


7 thoughts on “Battle Cabbage Update

  1. You’re very welcome, darlin’! What would a smackdown be without an entry from L’Aubergine? 😉 And I’ve been blogging a WEE bit longer–since 2007, so congrats to you on the upcoming 200!

  2. Noted on the date change and I came by to give you the theme for the next Haiku Monday: RAIN. I really hope you play because you apparently you can not only cook…. but write Haikus too! 🙂

  3. RAIN, eh? This for a person who lives in a desert. That should bring up some good ideas, yes. I’m definitely in and thanks so much for the compliments.

  4. Hi, Velva! I’m so glad you’re going to play Battle Cabbage with us. When you have your entry ready, just leave me a comment stating you are “up”, and a link to your post. I’ll go over and take a look, then as soon as possible after the deadline of February 29, I’ll do a recap of all the entries and announce the winner. Can’t wait to read all about your choices!! Welcome to the fray!


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