Morning Moon

Sometimes I’m lucky enough to get out of bed at exactly the right time. This was my view from the front porch:

The clouds slipped and slid over the full moon.  The frozen snow crunched hard under my feet.  The air was brisk and alive with cold.  It was too good to miss.  Then, after I put a chicken in the oven to bake and a pot of rice in the rice cooker, I sat down on the couch to read for a while:

The house is warm and full of wonderful aromas–baking chicken, fresh coffee. Morning magic.  I just couldn’t do without it.


5 thoughts on “Morning Moon

  1. Thanks, Ms. Serendipity! I thoroughly enjoyed it. Where are you in the world, if I may ask? Sounds like you know a little bit about Pueblo.

    • Used to live in the mountains outside Denver. Got around Co a bit then. When I lived in Houston, I would pass through Pueblo on elk hunting trips to Montana,

      Now in Wyoming.


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