Made It

It’s Wednesday morning and I managed to make it through my first full week of being on production at the new job.  Honestly, it’s not that different from the old job.  Typing is typing, right?  I am getting a lot more feedback.  My direct supervisor (“quality coach”) lives in Arizona, for now at least in the same time zone.  The biggest difference is, I guess, is that this is a BIG corporation.  Perhaps the largest transcription company in the US.  In training someone asked how many transcriptionists and the answer was close to 3000 US and the median age is 53!  That’s a lot of old ladies sittin’ in basements typing for (meager) dollars.  I had my first audit this week, too, and made 98.55%.  I need 99% to be released.  Yeah, it’s kind of a pressure job.  Plus at this one, if I send more than a certain percentage of my total lines to QA, they ding me 3 cents a line.  Lovely.  Do I sound jaded?  I think it was a bad thing having 2 weeks off.  It didn’t refresh me at all.  All it did was make me see a kind of life that I’ll probably never have–one in which I might have some leisure time to enjoy.

As usual, this weekend has been taken up with to do lists–some of them fun, others not.  G and I did kind of hang out yesterday, but I’ve been taking GS2 to school in the morning, etc.  My daughter supposedly is going to be moving to Denver around the end of March.  She says she’s put in her paperwork to transfer her housing up there, found a place, etc. but I guess I’ll believe it when I see it.  If she goes, I think it will be good for her.  I know I never really cut my apron strings until I moved out here.  I get it.  And Denver’s not that far away, so we can visit or the boys can come down.

I know I’m rambling.  I’m a bit out of sorts.  G’s getting a cold and I didn’t sleep well.  She has a PT appointment this morning and I need to go upstairs and wake her up to be ready to go b/c I’m taking GS2 to school again.  Then I need to make my dish for Battle Cabbage…and you’re all going to participate in Battle Cabbage, right?  RIGHT??  Yes, I thought so.  Good.  😉

Anyway, whether you’re at home or in an office it’s the same old corporate crap.  I give it all a big “whatever”.  I’m off to hop on the hamster wheel again.  Later, taters.


4 thoughts on “Made It

  1. I feel for you, GG, I really do. I know that I’ll never get to ‘truly’ retire and that is a depressing thought. I’m sending you energy for strength and perseverance and even joy.

    I will NOT be joining you in Battle Cabbage! That’s one of the foods that I cannot eat, not even a little. I’ll read about it, though!


  2. I’m making my cabbage recipe this weekend.

    Rambling is good. It clears the mind. Good luck on reaching 99%… although 98.5% seems like you’re already there. 🙂 Stay healhty.

  3. e – I knew about your cabbage woes; however, by reading you ARE participating, trust me!

    Boxer – yes, my mind can always use a little clearing. Thanks for the vote of confidence.

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