Battle Cabbage Round-Up And A Drum Roll…

I’ll have you know that making the decision for the winner of Battle Cabbage was one of the hardest things I’ve had to do in a while–including my training for this new job.  As each contestant put up their link, I ran from blog to blog, getting more and more drool on my shirt.  There were some seriously GOOD things that came out of the humble cabbage this month.  You should all be proud of yourselves.

Our first entry, early on, was from a blogger I met via Haiku Monday, Troll of Trollstroll.  He isn’t going to actually make the dish until a St. Patrick’s day bash, but I told him to submit it anyway.  I loved his new spin on corned beef and cabbage by having a buffet similar to a taco bar where one can choose various cabbage dishes to go with the corned beef.  I loved his choices of hot, medium and mild as well.  Just a great theme overall, Troll.  I hope you come back and play more Smackdown with us!

Next contestant was Small Girl Adventures with a lovely and homey minestrone-style soup with cabbage and beans.  Her dish just makes you want to curl up by the fire with a big bowl of it and a good book. Since it’s snowing outside tonight, I still have time to make a pot.

Third up was Leah at Eat, Drink and Be MarriedWhen I saw her contribution, my jaw just dropped.  One of my favorite things on earth is a Ruben sandwich and she managed to combine that with corned beef and cabbage on..wait for it…a PIZZA!

I tell you, I haven’t stopped thinking about this dish yet.  I’ve got to make it soon!

Next, Mr. Buzzkill put up his entry, a throwback to the ‘auld country, Irish colcanon potatoes and cabbage.  I love the nod to the Emerald Isle and to Buzz’ own distant relative, and I liked that he used red cabbage instead of the traditional green.  That’s the beauty of cabbage, isn’t it?  So versatile.

Are you full yet?  Hope not, ’cause we’ve still got lots of jewels in the treasure chest!  Next contender was Boxer with a fabulous full-meal salad that used cabbage and dear to my own heart, sweet potatoes!  Great minds, Ms. Boxer, great minds.  She went the raw route, adding another layer of versatility to our humble vegetable. This is another one on the “must make” list!

Next, Diana at Cookerati pulled yet another amazing dish out of her culinary hat.  She used one of my favorite things–lamb.  Her lamb cabbage rolls look so amazing, I might even tempt G to eat them and she is not a lamb fan.  Thanks, Diana!

Blogger Velva from Tomatoes on the Vine got back to basics with a good ol’ “plain” coleslaw recipe.  But there’s nothing plain about her dish when you realize that the ingredients came right from her own dirt to her table.  Fresh and lush, that bowl of coleslaw might be one of the best ever made.

Next, La Diva Cucina dug down to her Polish roots to share her Aunt Barbara’s kapusta with us.  This dish just croons home, family, and nurturing.  Cabbage with wonderful, tender pork AND kielbasa!  I imagine eating it is like having a hug in a bowl.  Once again, this dish is going on my list of things I have to make asap!

Next, in between many travels, food blog meet ups, and keeping everyone up with what’s happening on Top Chef, our very own Eggy put in her delicious cabbage creation, modifying an “Il Batali” recipe with grapes, bok choy, and sausages she had on hand.  I love how Eggy always manages to whip up something marvelous by just reaching into the freezer or pantry.  I’d love a tour of her kitchen! 😉  The dish looks completely yummy and perfect for a chilly, pre-spring evening of foodie-TV watching.

Last, but most definitely NOT least, Jen at Our Good Food Life put up a fabulous twist on an Indian cabbage dish she had her husband had at a local restaurant.  Jen, I’m sorry your original comment didn’t show up.  It went into my spam filter and I’ve been so busy I didn’t see it there.  However, once again, Eggy to the rescue.  I’ve recently begun experimenting with Indian spices myself and have a number of curry mixtures.  I loved the simplicity of her Madras cabbage with peas and am looking forward to trying it with a couple of the different spice combos.  Thanks so much, Jen!

A whopping TEN mighty fine entries to Battle Cabbage this month!  I’ve been reading and salivating for the last few days.  Trust me, readers, narrowing this one down was really, really difficult, but I managed to get my top three fairly quickly.  In no particular order (as they say on Dancing With The Stars), they are:  Diana/Cookerati with her lamb cabbage rolls, Leah/Eat, Drink and Be Married with her corned beef and cabbage/Ruben pizza and Boxer/Anonymous Boxer with her fresh and lovely cabbage, sweet potato and shrimp salad. 

However.  There can be only one and for me, one dish took the ingredient and simply stood it on its head and had me dreaming of making her dish.  Once I saw it, it just would not go out of my head and therefore, the winner of Battle Cabbage and lucky host of the March Smackdown is…

LEAH of Eat, Drink and Be Married!!!!  Congratulations, girlie, you came out of the gate strong with that amazing pizza of yours.  I am going to make that as soon as I can.  You thought completely outside the box on this challenge, but managed to make a dish that was as familiar and enticing as it was innovative.  I really look forward to seeing what you’re going to pick for the next challenge.  At this moment, I don’t have the link for the Smackdown badge for your blog, but I’ll find out or I’m sure you can check with Eggy.

Once again, I want to say a heartfelt thanks to all of you.  I confess I wondered if anyone would be interested in doing anything with cabbage and I am so happy you proved me wrong.  Happy cooking and on to the next challenge!


15 thoughts on “Battle Cabbage Round-Up And A Drum Roll…

  1. All y’all are so creative in the kitchen! That pizza is the most interesting take on a Reuben I have ever seen.

    And, GG, the color of the water from blanching the cabbage leaves? Amazing!

  2. Well done and congrats to LEAH!!!! Yay! I thought her pizza was most unusual and even told my sister about it, we both drooled! Well deserved and thanks again for being such a fantastic host, Grumpy Granny! Have a great weekend!

    • Thank you, Ms. Diva. I had so much fun with this one. And I have some country style pork ribs in the freezer and you KNOW what I’ll be doing with them shortly!


  3. I had it between Leah and Diva. Tough choices but you made a good choice Double G. I really enjoyed this competition and actually got it done ahead of time (that almost never happens). Thanks for hostessing.

    • Thanks, Buzz! It was a lot of fun and I have TEN new recipes to put in my folder. That’s a double plus in my book. Glad you played!

  4. Grumpy Granny — THANK YOU!!! This is so exciting! I feel like I won the lottery — haha. I will spend some time thinking about a fun challenge this weekend and post by Monday morning. Everyone’s dishes were so great and the fact people found so many ways to use cabbage is just a testament to the skill of you bloggers. Thanks again, GG!!

  5. Lots of great entries – cabbage is one of my favorites and a staple in the house. Useful in both winter and summer dishes, so versitile and a very good choice. I agree with the winner, doesn’t that pizza look fantastic?

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  7. I would LOVE to take a place in these battles – how can I get involved? I have a farm and local grocery and deli – and a blog…I haven”t used it much lately – but I am getting ready to crank it back up.

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