Oh, it has been a week.  Is it the full moon?  Is it Spring on the wing?  Is it the antsy, itchy anticipation of the dreaded springing forward?  Is Mercury in retrograde?  Who knows?  I can only offer my observations that right now everything in the world seems completely and utterly bat-shit crazy.  That’s about as logical as you’re going to get out of me tonight.

My old girl here, my nearly 8-year-old Gateway gal is about to give up the ghost.  I got the blue screen of death on Monday about half way through my shift and had to take her in to the TechnoDoctor, which is by far the best place to take computers in Pueblo.  They kept her until Thursday morning, and she seems to be working fine now, but I see another computer in my life shortly.  Hang in there for a few more weeks, old friend, and then you can become the back up. 

My headset is killing me.  I have been having such a hard time adjusting to this job.  I’m not sure why.  Maybe it’s because the dictators are just as horrible, just as mushmouthed, just as disrespectful of their patients’ information as everywhere else.  It’s so funny.  I hear these idiots mangling yet another report because they refuse to slow down long enough to EE-NUN-CEE-ATE and yet, their cell phone will ring, or someone will walk in and start a conversation and every word they say then is clear as a bell.  Imagine.  Perhaps I’m just fed up with that part of it. 

Maybe it is the isolation.  In my other job (which I don’t really miss), I did have IM contact with my coworkers, my fellow supervisors, to get questions answered, run things by, etc.  Here, I have no idea who my coworkers even ARE.  I communicate with two people–my supervisor and her supervisor.  And that is via e-mail and response isn’t terribly quick.  They’re both quite nice and have been nothing but encouraging, but I am really beginning to feel quite isolated and cut off from everyone.

Maybe it’s the shift.  This noon to 8 pm thing is harder than I thought.  I now have NO social life unless someone is available either for breakfast or on Tuesday/Wednesday.  G is having a hard time in the evenings even though we do enjoy our mornings.  But it seems like all my high falutin’ plans for morning exercise, writing, etc. are just out the window.  I’m working a lot of OT, and the best time for me to do that is early in the morning so I can get it done and still have a FEW hours before my regular shift.  I just can’t work later.  I’m too exhausted.  Walking?  Ha!  Biking?  Double HA!  Swimming?  Forget it.  I haven’t been in the water since September.  Seriously.

And then there’s the headset.  The old one I had that I liked had stretched out so far I really couldn’t hear very well.  The new job sent me one, but it’s this weird back-of-the head thing that’s just odd.  Then my supervisor highly recommended one that she liked and it was only $17.00 so I got one.  Very lightweight but it’s like a stethoscope and I have these utterly, incredibly sensitive ears and I cannot ABIDE anything in, over or around them.  Well, the over-the-head headphones are okay, if the phones are padded.  Sticking these things in my ears 8 hours a day is pure torture.  I seriously think about 75% of my mood problems have to do with this headset.  So, today I ordered a set of Bose headphones for–wait for it–$100.00.  OMG, I can’t even believe I’m writing that.  These suckers better work or there will be one pissed off, ear-wigged out Granny on the loose.  I cannot even wear earrings or contemplate having my ears pierced.

So this is my whiny, pissy, yukked off moment.  My neck is killing me, my shoulders I’m sure resemble Quasimodo on a good day and I have so many things I need to get done around here and can’t seem to get to a single one. 

On the up side, yesterday I made my entry for the next Smackdown and oh, my dear GOD, it turned out great!  I had an opportunity to work with an ingredient that I had been wanting to play with but was leery of, and my experiment had marvelous results.  I’ll be posting that some time in the next week or so.  I also took my daughter and the GSes out to Liberty Point last night to see if we could by chance see the Northern Lights (reputed to be visible here due to the sunspot activity).  Sadly, no Aurora Borealis, but we DID see four planets, clear as can be–Jupiter, Venus, Mars and Neptune.  Not bad for a quick drive out of town.

More OT in the morning, but then a haircut and countdown until the new head phones arrive.  Send me some good vibes and thanks for letting me bitch a bit.  Maybe a dip in the hot tub is in order.


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