Some Moment of Every Day


The moment came.
You flung out your desperate arm
And scattered my walls like twigs in a gale.
Your wizard fingers stripped away
Every older mark, all signs of life before your touch.
Your radar lips consumed my breath.
I had not lived before you.
After, I was marked forever,
Branded by the imprimatur of your body.
Your wild desire gave approval for my existence.
Now I am your palimpsest;
Eternally etched by the acid of your love.
Other lovers’ layers have washed over me,
Some days lingering in the crow’s feet around my eyes.
They have craved the softness of my aging curves–
Abundant but underneath abandoned;
Still gnawed by the famine of years without you.
Yet when the Chinook blows,
When I stand by the river
I hear your voice whispering under the burbling current,
Feel your lingering strokes in the breeze over my face,
And know I can never be unscored.
Then the weight of others’ attention falls away
As if I had scraped myself raw with a palate knife,
Flayed and naked to the bone
Save for the tattoo of your molten yearning
Carved across my screaming flesh.


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