Best Birthday Present…EVAR!

So, you all subscribe to Living Social right?  Seriously, if you don’t, go there now… and put in your city or your closest city.  There are some amazing deals out there, food, outdoorsy stuff, movie tickets, massage discounts, stuff for your car.  I could go on, but seriously, it’s definitely worth taking a look.   Couple weeks ago, G sends me an e-mail while I’m working (we do that, e-mail each other from separate floors of the same house.  We also IM and sometimes Skype.) and said “Take a look at this.”  I open the e-mail and right away I’m practically screaming.  I didn’t even read the deal.  I recognized the hotel.  The STANLEY HotelDoesn’t ring a bell?  “Heeeeerrrrreeee’s Johnny!”  and “Redrum!”  Now are you getting it?  The Stanley Hotel was where the original movie “The Shining” was filmed, and as legend has it, where Stephen King was inspired to write the book after staying in room 217.  It’s just outside Estes Park, near the Rocky Mountain National Park, north of Denver. 

Thanks to Living Social, we’re going.  We’re not only going, we’re staying two nights with a $50.00 voucher in their dining room AND we’re doing a ghost and history tour the day we arrive and might also do an historic fire engine tour as well (G and I both love old fire engines, go figure).  The entire deal was very, very reasonable and when we called to make our reservations (in May) we got upgraded to an even bigger room.  Can you say, WOOT!?

I get all grinny and silly thinking about it.  Yes, camera will be going.  We’re in the “between” season, after skiing and before the tourists hit, so I’m hoping the hotel and surrounding town, etc. will be mostly deserted and quiet.  In any event, we’ll get a tour of the fabulous old dowager and if we’re lucky, maybe even encounter a ghost or two.

I am SO excited! 

Counting down to May…


6 thoughts on “Best Birthday Present…EVAR!

  1. That sounds great! I’d heard of Living Social, but had thougt it was a singles website. I’ll have to check it out and see what kind of deals we can find around St. Louis. Thanks for the tip!

  2. Hold on. I thought that miserable movie was filmed at Timberline Lodge on Mount Hood in Oregon? Oh, I see from Wikipedia that just the exterior was filmed here….

    Alright. Now I can be excited for you! Wheeeeeee!!!!!


  3. Yes, sorry, I wasn’t completely exact. The topiary scenes, etc. were definitely filmed in Oregon. Sorry about that.

    And I agree–it WAS a miserable movie. Didn’t come CLOSE to the brilliance of King’s book. But then, few films made from his stories ever have, Shawshank Redemption and The Green Mile being the exceptions.

  4. I’ve stayed there at about the same time of year, also in October. The “in between” season is terrific. I know you’ll have a fab time. Good season for wildlife spotting also.

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