Technology, what?

My computer crashed yesterday.  Yep.  Finally bit the big one.  I was getting ready to do some work on a Word file and copying a large chunk of text and BOOM!  The blue screen of death.  I had that a couple of weeks ago and my tech guy did a tune up on the machine and it had been working fine, but nothing I did got it back going again.  I had so hoped to wait till the first of the month, take a bit of time, and get a new machine.  As it was, I called my company’s tech support folks, got told I needed 32 bit Windows7 to run the work software I needed and then called around town only to be told that no one HAD a computer that ran 32 bit.  Everything was 64 bit.  So, what’s a transcriptionist to do?  Quit?  Hmmm, maybe the universe is trying to tell me something.  Anyway, after talking to various people and places, I found an HP with Windows 64-bit and got it.  I think it was less money than I paid for the one I got 8 years ago and of course with a terabyte hard drive I can now hold nearly the Library of Congress on this machine.  My other HD was 140 GB I think, and after 8 years and thousands of photos, it was still only about half full.  So.

I called my company’s tech support and was immediately told that the software “won’t work” on this machine, which is the corporate line, and they’re not going to upgrade, BUT, this guy had a workaround, so he gave me the link, I checked it and it seems to work.  He also said if I had trouble he would try to support me as best he could and he couldn’t understand why “corporate” wouldn’t make the upgrade.  Sounded pretty simple to me, but hey, I’m not a corporate “entity” so no idea into that groupmindfuck kind of thing.

Anyway, the new machine is fast and QUIET.  I mean, I’m really not even turned on kinda quiet.  It came with a USB mouse which is good because my old one wasn’t.   Got the printer loaded, now working on downloading MS office, which I didn’t really want, but I was told that my Word 2000 would DEFINITELY not work on this machine.  I’ll have to try my disks later.

G, daughter and the boys (since the babysitter backed out) are going to this tonight.  Daughter won 4 tickets from the local radio station and  I think it’ll be a lot of fun.  I plan to take pics and do a blog post after I make up the time I lost by not working today.  Wheee. 

So that’s the news on this end for now.  I’ll leave with a photo my daughter sent me yesterday of GS2 who was home this week with a flu strain that wasn’t covered by the shot AND strep.  Of course, he’s better now:

He’s an imp, for sure!  Hope ya’ll are having a good Thursday, whatever you’re doing.


3 thoughts on “Technology, what?

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  2. Yikes. Sounds like no fun. The company you are working for should be named Dino! Cripes they are WAAAAAY behind in technology. Pretty soon they will find no one will provide them tech support. Your support guy sounds like a peach, and I’ll bet he is really frustrated with Dino.

    Come play Haiku Monday – the theme is the EGG.



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