A Few Things

Once again, it’s Monday.  Finally.  That means it’s my Friday and with luck and maybe working a couple of hours on my days off, I’ll be back on track time-wise with the job.  The new computer is settling in nicely.  Very fast, very quiet.  Lots of USB ports, but not enough in the front.  I’ll figure something out. 

I have a couple of housekeeping issues to mention.  First of all I heard recently from Eggy that WP was not letting her post comments here.  Has anyone else had trouble with that?  Please let me know if you have.   My email is mrfsealah @ hotmail . com.  

Secondly, I realize that sometimes when I post, I forget to put in my WP ID and use my default ID which is to Blogger.  I left Blogger quite a while ago, but still have a blog there and a profile.  If you happen to get sent over there, please try to remember to come back here.   If you want to, that is.  Here is where the fun happens even though I have good intentions (and you all know where they lead) of finishing up the story of my Spain trek from so long ago on the Blogger site.

Thirdly, I need to mention this.  I understand everyone has security concerns online, especially if you mention a lot of personal or business stuff on your blogs.  I like to comment when I read you.  I really do.  But if I can’t recognize the word rec things after two tries, I’m not going to continue.  One word, I could understand, but two odd words?  And one of them so distorted it’s nearly impossible to see?   Sorry, I love all the blogs I read but it’s just too much work.  And my vision is bad enough as it is–don’t need to be weirding it out any more than is necessary.  Just an FYI.

On to the next subject–the garden.  Like most of the rest of the world, we have been experiencing unseasonably warm weather, even in the evenings.  I’ve slept with the bedroom window open for the last few nights.  G. wants to plant EVERYTHING of course, but I’m fighting her on the tomatoes.  The plants look amazing but I still make her bring them in at night or at least put them in the greenhouse.  I’m not losing 28 gorgeous tomato plants.   She also read or saw something about using pallets (the wood kind that you stack stuff on), ran somewhere and dragged a few home and this is what we have on the patio now:

She stapled shade cloth pulled from the front porch on the bottoms and then filled in each row with potting soil.  We’ve got a few pansies and she stuck in some onion sets, cilantro, lettuce and other greens.  We’ve got a smaller one attached to the fence by the hot tub.  I think it’s a fabulous way to recycle and rotate quick-growing things. 

After some thoughts on our potentially toxic planter, we decided to go ahead with it.  We decided to paint it inside and out and also figured that since the material was nearly 30 years old, we and the veggies would probably be all right.  I put in three cucumber seeds on the side next to the wrought iron post which can be used as a trellis, more onion sets and planted the rest of it with lacinato kale.  I’m already seeing some green shoots!  Spinach and other greens are coming up in the green house and the daffys and hyacinths are really gorgeous this year.  I pray we won’t get a hard freeze now that will decimate them.

Finally, we’ve been out on the bikes the last couple of weeks and it’s been fun.  I started taking CoQ10 again and I think it’s helping.  I’m not quite so frustrated with working until 8 pm and enjoying the mornings, even though they’re far too busy.  Till yesterday.  We went on a long ride (well, I went 17 miles, G had to stop and go back at the 5 mile mark, making hers 10.  Then, apparently when she got to our street, she rode her bike standing up on the pedals–just to see if she could, she said, but that was a bad thing.  A REALLY bad thing.  She twisted something in her hip way out and spent the night on the floor in agony.  I got her to our magic chiropractor first thing this morning and now she’s in bed with the TENS unit, Motrin and a heating pad.  She hurt so bad she couldn’t even think of lifing her leg high enough to get into the hot tub.  THAT’S bad.

So, I’m off to check on her, take my chicken out of the oven, see if Peaches will eat any of the food I made for her, clean up the kitchen a bit and get myself on track for my “Friday”.  I’ve already been to the grocery store so that chore’s out of the way for a while.   For those of you who are just starting out your weeks, make it a good day for yourselves!


5 thoughts on “A Few Things

  1. I have no issues commenting, as you see on a regular basis, lol.

    I wish I could get G over here for a weekend. I could use her expert eye to help evaluate my landscape and underhouse storage shed, which I’d like to convert to a studio. Y’all don’t have like a million frequent flier miles you were hoping to use up, were you? (Seriously, though I’m sure it’s impossible, if you get here, I will put you up and feed you and show you around – and get G to help me figure out what to do. Heh.)

  2. Hmmm, funny that Hawai’i has been a topic of conversation for us recently. Are you on the big island? We need to have some conversations about this. She would be more than happy (thrilled, really) to go around your property and give you her expertise–AND figure out how you could do it all by dumpster diving and haunting the backs of DIY stores and spend very little money. Seriously. The frequent flyer miles…not so much, but where there’s a will, there’s a way, right?

    • I am on the Big Island, yes! It would be more than a treat to host the two of you. You can have your own room and I’ll bunk in with the girls. We’ll have to share a bathroom, but we can handle that, right? Doing things for cheap or free is exactly my budget.

      No clue what it costs to get here from there, but consider the invitaton open. If you do want to talk more about it, shoot me an email. In the meantime, we shall daydream the happiness of G fixing me up with a studio and associated trips to touristy spots!

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