Quick, Simple…and Good!

The other day, I was hungry in the middle of the morning and there wasn’t much in the fridge.  It had been a while since the last big shopping trip and I wasn’t particularly inspired.  So, I rummaged around a while and came up with the following ingredients:

Just realized that I left the bacon out of that photo.  Yes, I had a couple slices of bacon left, so I cooked them:

and while they were sizzling, I put the pasta on to boil and sliced the tomatoes in half lengthwise.  After the bacon was done, I drained the pan but didn’t wipe it and put the tomatoes in to just warm:

I know, you’re thinking pasta carbonara, aren’t you?  I was too, only I’ve never really made pasta carbonara before.  Never one to let a technicality stop me in the kitchen, I cumbled up the bacon, tossed it back in the skillet along the the pesto (that was the green stuff on the plate above), then poured the beaten egg over it and put the drained pasta on top.  I had the stove on very low and just kept stirring until everything was coated with the egg and I felt like it was done without being scrambled.  I used a rubber spatula to keep everything moving and it worked very well.

In just a few moments, I turned it all out in to a bowl, added a couple grinds of pepper, some shredded Parm and yum!  A great midmorning meal:

Sometimes that cupboard is fuller than you think!


One thought on “Quick, Simple…and Good!

  1. You are a very clever cook. I wish I could come up with something delicious so easily.

    On a culinary note, I am very pleased with myself for making risotto for the first time. Yay! So delicious, and while time consuming, not hard.

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