Just days ago we walked,
Arm in arm through the vivid,
Spring-blessed gardens.  We talked
And dreamed aloud, things
We wanted, growth envisioned.

There, I said, we need a place to sit.
Just there.  Perfect.
I thought that, too, she said, and we
Laughed as we strolled
Together watching
Bliss burgeon,
Our thoughts in harmony as always.

Within a week it found us, and
She placed it there:
Rough-hewn stone, sturdy,
Between the peach and apple trees,
Behind the greenhouse,
Beneath perpetual s

This morning after last night’s
Blustery rain, I sat and sipped my coffee,
Caressed around by dawn’s cool breeze.
I watched the sparrows courting
Atop the pea trellis and spring’s
First hummingbird maurauded the
Crimson early-blooming honeysuckle.
All this I would have missed
Without our secluded place of observation,
Creation of two hearts’ communication.


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