Haiku Monday Challenge – Crossroads

Happy Friday!  Yesterday was something of a bombshell for me.  I found out that not only was I chosen as winner for the April Culinary Smackdown, I also managed to be chosen as winner of the Haiku Monday competition!  G will tell you that I spent most of the day wandering around in a daze, shaking my head in near disbelief.  What I should have done, of course, is bought a lottery ticket. 😉

I now have another challenge–that of choosing next week’s theme for your haiku enjoyment.  I confess that this one has been in my head since I first played.  Who has not stood here in their lives?  Whether it’s a physical intersection with different paths beckoning you or an emotional or spiritual crisis demanding that you make a decision, we have all come to critical crossroads in our lives:

Your challenge this coming week, should you choose to accept it, is to create a haiku about crossroads.  The use of the exact word is not required.  To leave your entry, please use the “leave a comment” link at the bottom of this post.

The Rules:

Please submit any number of haiku you wish, but designate 2 for judging.  The usual rules apply, with the first being the 5-7-5 rule.  This allows a three line format where the first line is 5 syllables, the second line is 7 syllables, the last line is 5 syllables.  Extra points will be applied for haiku that make use of both Kigo (seasonal reference) and Kireji (cutting word or punctuation) which is explained at (http://www.haikusociety.com/learn/kireji-and-kigo).  The Kigo goal is to join two separate images/emotions in one integrated verse. And visuals are fun, welcome, and may give you an edge if well selected.

Deadline is Monday May 7, 2012 at midnight Pacific Daylight Time.

For those of you unfamiliar with this Haiku Monday challenge, this is an informal, fun competition.  Anyone who wishes can join in. This group just plays at this challenge.  The contest originated with Troll, an acknowledged master at the form, whose blog was recently eaten by Blogger.  We hope to see him back in this competition soon.

A few housekeeping notes:  I will be away from the computer beginning in the wee hours of Tuesday, May 8 and not be back until late Thursday, May 10.  Therefore, I hope to have the winner announced some time before noon on Friday, May 11, Mountain Daylight Time in Colorado, USA.  I apologize in advance for this delay, but I don’t have mobile internet, so final results will have to wait for my return.  I can’t wait to receive all your creative, wonderful entries.  I know you will do your best to make my judging job impossible.  Go for it!

40 thoughts on “Haiku Monday Challenge – Crossroads

  1. Hi GG,

    I just went to post a photo, and stumbled across a haiku to enter. So here goes with my first one.

    Did we choose wisely?
    Lions in a spring meadow,
    she and he, say yes.


    • I love this and the story behind it. How often Nature confirms that we have taken the right path, eh?

    • 😉 Thank you, Czar! I only briefly visited your site and hope to check back for a deeper review. And I hope you’ll be joining us this week.

  2. Huh? Chickory posts on Sunday? Wow, Granny. You’re living large.

    Along uncrossed roads—
    Adolescent longings leave
    Psychic detritus.

    “Melissa,” Marshall
    Sang me South. Thirty-five years—
    Still here . . . seasoning.


    • Livin’ large is the best revenge, eh, Czar? I love your nostalgic entries and the MTB accompanyment. Thanks so much!

  3. Czar inspired:

    I want to be where
    “blessings meet salutations”.
    Ahhhh! Haiku Mondays!

    Social wits gather
    along internet crossroads
    to haiku yoohoo!

    • Hi, Fishy, I’m a little late commenting here. What can I say, it’s been a Monday. I definitely blessed with all the new internet contacts I have made since discovering Haiku Mondays. It’s a great competition, a great way to socialize and always an education. Thanks!

  4. Congrats on your well-deserved win last week, GG! I hope to be able to cobble something together today in between meeting deadlines.

  5. Two roads crossed
    And I with tidal jmpulse
    Took the moon-lit one

    When at a crossroads
    Stop look and listen and choose
    You may get it right

  6. Hi, Linda! It’s hard to refuse a moon-lit path, isn’t it? I’d have to stop and consider that one. Thanks for playing!

  7. Hi Grumpy Granny! Your challenge has knocked me out of my hiatus! Work has kept me down for too long – so thank you! I love your theme this week. Here goes:

    shy blooms peek out as
    seasons intersect….oh no!
    blackberry winter

    british punk tune begs
    “should I stay or should I go?”
    lover’s dilemma

  8. Hi, Scout! Thank YOU for peeking yourself out to play this week. Since it’s a cold, rainy, cloudy day here in Pueblo after a couple of weeks of record-breaking highs, your first one hits the nail on the head. And I also find it interesting that many of the haiku also have music related to them. What fun! Thanks so much for taking the time to contribute.

  9. Good evening Grumpygranny,

    Gee whiz I’m late to the party. Congratulations on your win last week. I offer 3 by way of explanation.

    Time spent with E-friends.
    Work, commitment, loved ones needs.
    Keeping up with both?

    Belize or London?
    I want to have a baby…
    Which way do we go?

    Young ones soon mature.
    Important question returns.
    Belize or London?

  10. Thank heavens–I found ya’. I’se so outa the loop I din’t know if/ whar’ Haiku wuz…then I re-read yore entry last week–very fine! A well deserved win. Kudos too on the Culinary Smackdown. Youse oa roll, GG!

    I gotta go rustel up some vittles fer you-know-who. Thank mercies fer PST. I’ll try to git back wif’ an entry for this super loaded theme.

    • Hi, Aunty, and welcome. I hope you had a good dinner and that you’ll post some haiku for dessert. Happy rustling!

  11. YAY! Lot’s of awesome entries! =)
    (I myself am partial to Chickory’s)

    Here’s my entry for this week:

    Two blue lines; Now what?
    Unmarried single Mother,
    or trip to doctor?

    I’m up …. with visuals

    • Hi, Rafael. Your combination of words and images is gripping. Thank you for giving me even more to consider.

    • Serendipity, thanks for adding some weight to the judging. I had no idea it was going to be this difficult, but wow, what great haiku. So worth it!

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