Standing At The Crossroads, Trying To Make A Decision

Finally, right?  I really tried to do this last night, but after an early morning drive from Estes Park and a full work shift, it was all I could do to shove the suitcase in a corner and flop on the bed till this morning.  Plus you all made this business of picking a winner really, really difficult.  I thought about all the wonderful haiku you left while I was roaming around Rocky Mountain National Park in pursuit of bighorn sheep and elk.  Yes, we saw both!  But on to haiku.

First out of the gate was Ms. Serendipity with a lovely haiku about nature and the nature of decisions:

Did we choose wisely?
Lions in a spring meadow,
she and he, say yes.

Looking at the size of the tracks vs. the feet, I might choose to hike somewhere else.  Next up was Chickory with a haiku that really intrigued me.  I didn’t know anything about the “Hazelhurst bluesman” before this, but those 17 syllables offered an entire education in one lovely bite.  This one really stayed with me, along with the visual:

Hazelhurst bluesman
Scratch got nothing on your soul
but mind that whiskey.

Next up was Czar with two nostalgic offerings.  He didn’t post a visual, but left a musical link that took me way back.  And as someone who is still “seasoning” in an adopted state (and being from the South), his second one really spoke to me:

Along uncrossed roads—
Adolescent longings leave
Psychic detritus.

“Melissa,” Marshall
Sang me South. Thirty-five years—
Still here . . . seasoning.

The Curmudgeon (and fellow Puebloan) left me a haiku that really stayed with me.  There are so many layers of meaning in his few words:

The sun will lead me
towards a new direction.
Time to let it go.

I don’t have a link to his blog right now, but you don’t need a visual to feel the power in that haiku. 

Adding more to the competition, Fishy added a two that gave me a chuckle.  For some reason, I can’t link to that blog either, so you’ll just have to read them here:

I want to be where
“blessings meet salutations”.
Ahhhh! Haiku Mondays!

Social wits gather
along internet crossroads
to haiku yoohoo!

I particularly loved the “haiku yoohoo”. 😉

After that, reader Linda left two quite lovely haiku:

Two roads crossed
And I  with tidal impulse
Took the moon-lit one

When at a crossroads
Stop look and listen and choose
You may get it right.

The next competitor was Scout, apparently coming back to play after a hiatus.   I’m so glad she did because I loved both of her offerings:

shy blooms peek out as
seasons intersect….oh no!
blackberry winter

british punk tune begs
“should I stay or should I go?”
lover’s dilemma

Then, Mr. Karl jumped in with a few whimsical offerings.  I’m not sure which two he wanted judged (if any), but I tossed them in to the pot anyway:

Time spent with E-friends.
Work, commitment, loved ones needs.
Keeping up with both?

Belize or London?
I want to have a baby…
Which way do we go?

Young ones soon mature.
Important question returns.
Belize or London?

Ah, those eternal haiku questions!  And dealing with eternal questions, Blazing Scarlet brought us to a very serious crossroad with her offering.  It’s a crossroad and a question that women have dealt with forever:

Two blue lines;
Now what? Unmarried single Mother,
Trip to doctor, Or ….

Continuing on a more serious note, and giving an entirely different meaning to “cross” roads, Rafael gave us his vision: 

Splayed for all to see
Flesh writhes open; wantonly
Dying for escape

And finally, Serendipity came back to give us her final gift.   Her haiku is a vivid reminder that no matter how advanced we may be technologically, Mother Nature always has the trump card!  Her visual was spot on, too.

Pioneers trudge west.
Which trail to take late summer?
Maybe riches or?

And there you have the field.  Do you see why this is such a difficult decision?  All of these jewels were rattling around in my head the last couple of days, but there was one that just kept popping up over and over.  I could spend a lot of time debating technique, etc., but in the end, what moves me about poetry and art is when a piece gets in my head and won’t let me go.  This one did that to me.  Therefore, this week’s Haiku Monday winner is Linda with her lovely moonlit path.  Even though she didn’t post a visual, I could SEE that road laid out in front of me, mystic and mysterious, beckoning me to set foot on it and find out where it led.  Congratulations, Linda!  You also get to pick the theme for next week’s contest.  Since you didn’t leave a link to a blog or a site, I hope you’ll let me know if you get this.  Thanks so much to everyone who played.  I look forward to reading more of your wonderful haiku each week.



7 thoughts on “Standing At The Crossroads, Trying To Make A Decision

  1. Yes!!!!!!!For a beach walker like me “tidal impulse” nailed the experience! I cannot even count the number of crossroad decisions I have made walking a moonlit beach. Wonderful haiku !
    Thanks for taking on the hosting/judging duties in a packed schedule.

  2. Good afternoon Grumpy Granny,

    Congratulations to Linda on her win.

    Thank you for hosting this week. Chickory makes a good point regarding, who is hosting. At this point for next week.

    • Hi, Karl. Please see my latest blog post for questions and a hopeful solution to this dilemma. Thanks.

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