Totally Hooked

I watch more TV than I probably should but I’m not really invested in any of it other than DWTS.  It’s just my guilty pleasure.  Then, along came “Scandal.”  Created by the same woman who did “Grey’s Anatomy” and “Private Practice”, neither of which have I watched more than an episode or two.  But this.  Good GOD, this is a show.  Smart, sharp, dialogue to slice you right to the bone, acting that’s as good as any I’ve ever seen and chemistry?  There’s enough chemistry between the main charater (Oliva Pope played brilliantly by Kerry Washington) and the POTUS (Fitzgerald Grant, played by Tony Goldwyn completely redefining himself as an amazing actor) to burn down the house.  I dare you to watch this “one minute” and not get emotional, even if you know nothing about the show.  Just raw honesty between two people.  Seriously, seriously good.  Only 7 episodes in this season because it was a mid-season replacement but it’s gotten picked up for a 2nd season.  The viewers are lucky.


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