Don’t Forget–It’s Nearly Smack-Time!

Eggy put up her usual reminder a couple of weeks ago, but if any of you are having the month I am, another one might be in order.  Battle Salad is just around the corner!  I hope you’ve been finding lots of fresh goodies to create your salad with.  Here Chez Grumpy, the greens are about as vivid as they’ve ever been:

We also have some of the best radishes ever, too:

The other day, I pulled out the last few pieces of bacon (of course), diced up some small red and yellow peppers, a little bit of goat Brie that I brought back from Estes Park, sliced up a roasted beet that I had in the fridge and smack yo’ mama, that was one great salad:

I think this took me about as long as cooking the bacon and boy was it good.  I had enough left over (yes, there are uses for leftover salad) to put in a couple of tortilla sandwich roll-ups with ham and cheese the next day.  So, double yum. 

This isn’t my contribution, I’m working on something else for that.  Just a quick reminder that even with a busy schedule, it’s easy to put together a salad that’s not only pretty, it’s also yummy and good for you. 

If you’ve been thinking about doing a Smackdown, this would be a great one to try.  Come on in, the salad’s…er…water’s fine!  😉


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