Not Long Now

Peaches is failing fast.  G has been trying to tempt her to eat and she tries, but then just has to go outside and throw up, which takes even more out of her.  I have begged her (G) just not to feed her.  If she wants something, she’ll let us know.  She drinks water.  She lies in the sun and moves to the shade.  She’s very frail but mentally still present.  However, I don’t think she’ll make it into June.  Please keep good thoughts.  Thank you.


3 thoughts on “Not Long Now

  1. from all of the responses i thought sweet Peaches had already passed..this is the hardest time for us humans to just let our beloved animal partners go…my thoughts and love go to all of you in the house hold …

    • Thanks, Jill. If she makes it through the night, we’ll be calling the vet in the morning. Tough day, but lots of good memories.

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