RIP Peaches

We had to take her to the vet today and let her go.  We hoped our regular vet would be able to come to the house (he makes house calls) but with the holiday weekend, he wasn’t available until Thursday and it was obvious that she would not last that long.  Yesterday, two good friends came by as we were having a fire and drumming for her, sat with her and with us, helped soothe her, remember her, laugh about her.  They also got KFC (her go-to treat) and made margaritas.  We are blessed in our friends for sure.  I took the photo below just 9 days ago–she had a little burst of energy when a kitty came into the yard.  After that, everything seemed to go out of her, but this is definitely the way she will be remembered.  It’s been tough, but we made the right decision and we are comfortable with that.  Life goes on.  We will, too. Thank you for all your good thoughts.


5 thoughts on “RIP Peaches

  1. oh my dear..big, big hugs. It is so hard, but the price, I guess, of the sheer love and happiness they bring us. Wish I was there to listen to your stories of Peaches.

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