Culinary Smackdown – Kickin’ Off Summer With a Winner

Saturday night, done work, just skirted a thunderstorm, birds all bathed, friends visited, everybody fed, now there’s something else on my list…what…just can’t…oh, YEAH!  The Smackdown recap.  We didn’t have as many entries as I had hoped, but if everyone had a May like mine, I’m surprised you could even feed yourselves much less make a dish, photograph it and write about it.  However.  We did have three fabulous entries and that’s enough for a feast.

First up was Katie at Taste & See Cincinnati.  SHE managed to participate in the Smackdown while vacationing on Hilton Head Island.  That is true dedication, folks.  While at the shore, she set up an impromptu salad bar and everyone got to do a build your own:

How enticing is that set up?  She even added some grilled veggies to the mix–something I dearly love on a salad.

From her description, I think that might be Katie’s own plate–but she can correct me if I’m wrong.

Next Ms. Diana of Cookerati joined in with her wonderful orzo salad.  She also used something I’ve never tried–garlic scapes–and added a kick of parsley to her pesto.  I love all the ingredients in this one.  Even though I’ve never used garlic scapes, I love garlic, so I know I already love them.

I particularly like this entry because it’s one of those things that you can eat warm or cold, as a side or a main dish and you can take the basic recipe and run with it.  Great job, Diana.

Our final entry was from our own Eggplant To Go who, despite another grueling schedule, managed to put together an amazing entry with almost all local ingredients.  Bravo, Ms Eggy!

Once again, I’m left with a difficult choice.  All of these entries appealed to me on many levels and I’d happily dive into any of them with gusto.  There was one; however, that really hooked me.  All the time I was reading about her entry, I could taste the salad, practically smell the wonderful aromas. 

Therefore, the winner of Battle Salad is…Diana, the Cookerati!  The golden Smackdown spatula (we have one of those, did you know that?) now passes to you and you get to choose June’s Smackdown theme.  Congratulations!!! 

Also, if you get hold of Eggy, she should be able to tell you how to get a Smackdown Winner badge for your blog, should you want one.  I had the link somewhere, but…what can I say, it’s been a month.

Once again, I’d like to thank everyone who participated, read, drooled and commented.  Thanks for watching our culinary efforts!


4 thoughts on “Culinary Smackdown – Kickin’ Off Summer With a Winner

  1. Yay to Diana! Can’t wait to see what she picks for this month’s challenge and hope to join it! My salad entry never made it off the cutting room floor, but I sure wish it did as you always write such a great round-up post and do a great job as host even though you went through some tough times!

    • Thanks, Stephanie. I always enjoy the Smackdown, but other stuff is starting to catch up with me, I think. UGH.

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