If I Were…Stolen from Shonda Rhimes…

So, the fabulous Shonda Rhimes had this little meme on one of her Tweets and I thought it would be fun to play it.  Certainly better than all the crap I’ve been dealing with the last couple of days.  More on that later (or not).  So…

If I were..

a month, I would be…October.

a color, I would be…deep purple.

a time of day, I would be…just before dawn.

a SUPERPOWER, I would be…instantaneous travel to anywhere in the world.

a flower, I would be…a hyacinth.

a song, I would be…One and Only by Adele.

a car, I would be…paid for.

an item of clothing, I would be…a long, loose, soft, warm sweater.

an animal, I would be…a bird of prey.

a food, I would be…the best meal you ever ate.

a movie, I would be…Lawrence of Arabia.

a city/town, I would be…London, England.

a SPORT, I would be…ballroom dancing (and don’t EVEN try to tell me it’s not a sport)!

And there you have it.  So, tell me, what would YOU be???


One thought on “If I Were…Stolen from Shonda Rhimes…

  1. My friend M added a few and I love them, so:

    a beverage, I would be…Breckenridge Distillery bourbon.

    a favorite character from a book…Morgaine from The Mists of Avalon.

    a sound…a mountain stream rushing over rocks.

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