Not A Happy Camper

Well, my shiny, fast, new computer seems to have succumbed to a nasty virus.  Please be on the lookout for something called the “windows recovery” virus.  Of course, I had not made my recovery disks, due to nothing but stupid procrastination.  Also, of course, the fancy “service plan” I purchased does not cover damage or problems encountered due to viruses, oh, that’s “software” not “hardware”.   The up side?  My old faithful, 8-year-old Gateway is humming away under my desk right now and I didn’t even miss any work when this happened at 5:45 yesterday morning.  I am hoping (praying) that my fabulous guys at the TechnoDoctor in Pueblo can clean the new machine and get it running again.   Please keep your fingers crossed.   Other up side?  For some reason, I decided to save the novel I’ve been working on to a PDF file on a CD just two days before this happened.  Sometimes, life is just like that, right?

Anyway, doubt I’ll be doing much blogging until this is resolved.  Hope you all have a wonderful Fathers’ Day and that your week is starting out better than mine.



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