G is on her way to Denver this morning and I’m not with her.  I was going to go, but last night I realized I just couldn’t.  I needed to be here in the house, alone again.  I’ve watered the gardens and the plants in pots.  Despite the record heat (supposed to be 110 today), the gardens are hanging in there.  I actually got enough cherries off the one tree this season to make a cobbler.  Sunday, I was on the bench and saw probably enough to make another one (need six cups), but this morning discovered the birds had beat me to it.  I don’t think there’s one cherry left on that tree.  Guess we know what they were doing in the heat of the day!  Oh, well, that one cobbler was quite memorable. 

I think (she said very quietly) that I might have gotten my computer sitiuated.  I spent over two hours yesterday with my company’s tech guys (and on hold) trying to get the work software reloaded onto this machine.  First I had to downgrade to Explorer 8 instead of 9.  After that, it went fairly smoothly.  Then I had to re-download and then reinstall MS Office.   When computer companies transfer your data, they don’t transfer software.   Thankfully, they did NOT make me buy a new license even though I had to replace the hard drive.  I mean I’d only had it for two months, c’mon.  So, now I have word back, I’ve found all my data and…and…and….best of all….

I GOT MY HOTMAIL BACK!  I kept going around on their Mobius strip of try this, no try this, no try this, and every time each option brought me back to the same place of, please sign in to access forums or please sign in to add a cell phone or please sign in to…I was tearing my hair out.  DON’T YOU UNDERSTAND, I CAN’T SIGN IN!  That’s the problem.

Well, I don’t know if it’s persistence that gives the reward but on my third go round of requesting to try to change my password I got an response in my alternate email and Ta Da, there I was.   Yes.  And everything was still there, just as I left it, except with 450 junk emails.  I don’t think I realized how upset about that I was until I got it back.   I’ve become very attached to that email over the last 14 years.  When I think about it, it seems odd.  An email address is just a place for electronic messages to come to.  It’s not like it’s a “real” mailbox like our big fish out front, but my choice of nearly random letters to make that one different was personal.  It’s an address that’s never been duplicated and maybe that’s why it became important to me.   I’m glad it’s back.

In other news, I’m working on getting more active, again, despite the heat.  Been riding my bike in the wee hours, getting out just after 5 am and back right as the sun rises.  I thought about riding to the library while G was gone, but it’s 95 already at barely 11 am, so I’ll save that for another day.   I’m using my bar bells again, getting back into yoga and tomorrow, I promised my dear friend Maggie that I would go swimming again (thank you, Maggie).  So, I need to get my swim bag packed and check on the pool hours.  I hope my old swimsuit has a few more laps left in it.  AND, I bought a pair of these:

…and I LOVE them.  I didn’t think I would.  I thought they wouldn’t offer enough support for my weight, but it turns out they have a pretty firm sole and they have this little bit of padding right under the metatarsal area which is exactly where I need it most.  I’ve walked up to a mile in them on the street with no trouble and they were GREAT when we were fishing the other day because we had to walk up and down a couple of steep banks and you can really feel the ground under your feet.  The are quickly becoming my favorite footwear.

We’re managing to keep the house comfortable w/o central air.  We’ve put shade cloth blinds on both the front and back porches and it has made a huge difference to the living room which faces directly west.  Before that,  in the afternoons, the front door would be nearly too hot to touch on the inside.  Now it’s barely warm.  That was a major improvement for not a whole lot of money.  Then, since we took out our huge swamp cooler from the back of the house, we bought a small, portable indoor cooler/fan.  You put water in it and you can roll it around where you need it.  It’s about the size of a small fridge and is perfect for keeping things comfortable.   It has already paid for itself in comfort and convenience.  G talks about putting in central air, but I like opening up the windows at night and using fans.  I love hearing the birds in the morning (yes, even the annoying one that starts up around 3 a.m.)

I’ve cooked virtually nothing.  It’s even too hot to cook on the grill unless I do it first thing in the morning.  I’m still up in the air re: employment, but I can live with it for now.   We’ve all been a bit on edge with all the fires raging around the state and this last one was way too close to home.  Even though Pueblo itself is not at risk for a fire like that, being pretty much on the prairie, everything out here is tinder dry and idiots still want to set off fireworks and even bigger idiots toss cigarette butts out of cars, so there’s always the risk of a grass fire which can destroy a lot of property in a heartbeat.  So far in this huge fire just north of us (now over 5000 acres), no structures have been lost nor has anyone been hurt.  That is truly amazing.  The photo below was taken by a pilot named Markus Still.  He sent it to one of the local news stations.  Stunning and scary.

I’m getting my grateful back.  I feel better.  When I start cooking again, I’ll know things are really back on track.  Thanks for all your comments and support.  You’re a big help whether you know it or not.


3 thoughts on “Recovery

  1. Glad you are feeling better, and taking care of yourself. Having a day alone in the house is one of the most restorative things I can think of…


  2. So glad things are better, with computers and email. Very happy about the swimming and I predict you will soon set yourself another swimming challenge!

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