Summer Tea

Over the last couple of years, G and I have tried to make small changes that, added together, make a difference.   A couple of years ago, we quit buying bottled water other than maybe a case a year and invested in stainless steel and Nalgene water bottles.  So far, so good.  Then, we started recycling.  Then, after G’s awful bout with reflux, we realized that the worst thing she/we could drink is soda, so that’s pretty much off the list.  Every now and then I crave a really, REALLY cold Coke, but for the most part, I don’t miss it.  I, do, however, sometimes want something more than just water.  Just for a change.  Sometimes I’ll go for the Crystal Light Pure (no aspartame), but this summer a friend of mine turned me on to a tea that she started making and it has really saved me in this season that has turned out to be a scorcher in every way possible.

This little concoction is saving my life.  And it’s good for me.   Her recipe is hibiscus flowers, hawthorn berries and rose hips.  I found the hibiscus flowers at our local health food store packaged loose for practially nothing.  They also carry the other two ingredients also in loose form, but they were out the day I was there.   I managed to find bagged tea for hawthorne and rose hips by Alvita, a brand I’ve used for other teas.  So, I went home and brewed me a batch:  2 Tbl of hibiscus flowers in a tea ball or reusable bag, and 2 bags each of the hawthorne and rose hips.  Pour boiling water over and let steep until cool enough to squeeze out the bags.  Pour into a 1/2 gallon pitcher and add water to fill.  You can squeeze a little honey or agave nectar into the pitcher or use a package of stevia per glass or drink as is.  It’s like Red Zinger but better, I think.  And,  after doing a little reading, all three of those ingredients are good for blood pressure and since my feet swell like crazy in hot weather, that’s a boon.  Oh, and, yes, we invested in those Starbuck’s double-lined glasses with screw-on lids and I love them.  SB will make your cold drink in them and give you a discount.  Every little bit helps.

We’re in our 14th straight day of temps over 100 degrees here in Pueblo.  It sucks.  I cannot tell you how much I HATE summer.  I finally managed to dredge up some motivation somewhere and cook a couple of things today, but I did it all on the grill and kept most of the heat out of house.  Other than that, I don’t think I’ve really cooked anything for nearly a month.  Rice in the rice cooker, a couple of stir frys and things on the grill.  That’s about it.  Hot weather destroys me

But.  I DID get back in the water last week and it was great.  I swam like a wounded orca, but I was in the water.  I need a new swim suit and I need another punch card then I’ll be all set.  I’ll do it.  Just the amazing feeling of submerging myself in a body of water again was worth it.  I won’t stay away so long any more.


6 thoughts on “Summer Tea

  1. That tea sounds DELICIOUS!!! My husband drinks a little soda as a treat on occasion, but I’m not a fan. I totally get what you mean about sometimes wanting something besides water. I’ll have to search out the ingredients for this tea and try it out.

    We, too, are experiencing several days of 100+ temps in the St. Louis area. For a while it wasn’t too terrible because it was a dry heat. This is very uncommon for my town because I live 6 blocks from the Mississippi River and it is always 98% humidity here! To have 100+ temps with 24% humidity was a new experience, and I found that if I stayed in the shade it was tolerable. Now the humidity is moving in and I don’t want to leave the house! I’d love a break from this heat, but it doesn’t look like it’s coming any time soon.

    • EM, the only thing that has saved me is that our humidity has been in the single digits for the most part (though it’s really bad for the fires). You couldn’t drag me back across the Mississippi for anything in the world. Let me know how you like the tea!

  2. The tea sounds good! I’m a tap water drinker, which is easy in PDX since we have fantastic water. But, yes, one does like a change now and again. I’m going to try it!

    And, I’m not going to talk about the weather because it will just make you cry.

    • I know. I am spoiled by 300+ days of sun, but right now cool and rainy sounds like heaven. Tap water here is good, too. I just keep the bottles filled…

    • The photo is the one that the artist worked from. He sent it to me in e-mail a while back. Love them both!

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