The Current Situation

I’m still here, I’m still queer…oh, wait, wrong slogan for the moment.  However, I am still here but my daughter is in the throes of moving to Denver (she starts a new job on the  23rd) and we have the boys for the week.  I wasn’t all that thrilled (a WEEK), but they have become more self suffient during their summer at home, and regardless of other things I am EXTREMELY grateful to have a flexible job and to be at home.  So, starting out the week with some gratitude feels good.  We cooked out last night and plan more stuff.  Sadly GS1 got some really bad road rash on his torso when he fell off his skateboard a couple days ago, so I don’t know if he can get in the pool.  I’m doctoring it with lavender and hoping in a couple days he’ll be acceptable.  So, I’ll be a bit out of pocket due to that, but think of all the phots that might follow!  I’ll leave you with one of our beet/sweet potato chips that we made in the oven and dehydrator.  They turned out more like jerky than chips but both were yummy.

Have a great week.  I’ll be back soon…


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