Hell Or…

So, somehow last Thursday evening I found myself with G as she signed us up to be members at the World Gym of Pueblo.  Since she got back from helping our friend move to CA in October, she’s been kind of at loose ends.  I mean, she used to go over to this woman’s house nearly every day and do some kind of project, helped her pack, painted her house, etc., etc.  After that, especially during the winter, she just kind of sat around, playing on the computer.  Oh, she was busy but it wasn’t the same.   And, over the course of those few months, she managed to gain some weight.  I didn’t really notice it much but she did and then her clothes did and then the scale did.  So, she was on a mission to find a way to get back into shape.   Because of her back injury, she can really tell if she lets herself go too far.   Also, we decided that we want to do this next year and figure this will give us time, plus, dammit, I am GOING to do that triathlon.  Yes.  I.  Am.

She went around town and scoped out the various places.  We had belonged to one club near us for a while, but they redid their pool and put it OUTSIDE so it’s closed half the year.  Smart, huh?  Anyway, G liked this place, the atmosphere and the fact that they do have a women’s-only work out room.  Even though there’s no pool at all, it’s not far from where I swim, so I could do both.   I went for  a tour on Thursday and she surprised me by signing us up on the spot (she had already had the tour).   We normally go home and talk everything over, but I could tell she was ready to get in there and start lifting weights.  She signed up to meet with a trainer the next day.  I decided to wait until yesterday, my first day off.  

I’ll admit I was a little apprehensive about this.   I’ve never worked out under the direct supervision of anyone, other than being in a yoga class.  Never one on one.  I also decided I probably better do a few things in the ensuing four days, so I rode my bike two days, walked 5 miles for the first time in ages on Saturday and did my yoga/weights/stretching routine one day.

My appointment was a 9 am yesterday.  It went really well.  I managed to get through the entire routine.  He was good about checking to make sure I was doing all right.   The guy I met with is the owner of the club and he’s 51, so I felt very comfortable with him.   I do think he was a bit surprised at my overall fitness level because at the end, he said on a 1 – 10 scale with 1 being unfit, I was about a 7, and that my core was really strong.   That made me feel good, I won’t lie.   He had me sweating like crazy and pretty shaky at some points toward the end of various sets, but I never felt completely breathless, lightheaded, etc.   We worked out for a good hour, and I definitely felt it. 

The good news–today I’m sore, but in a lot of places not as sore as I thought I would be, so obviously working with the 10-pound dumbbells has helped.  What DID surprise me is where I really am sore.  The worst?  My quadriceps (tops of thighs).  I would have thought biking, etc. would have built those, but man, those squats are killer.  And I didn’t do that many, and not super deep.  So, I obviously have work to do.  I am trying to decide if I can budget to go ahead and meet with a trainer once a month.   I think I probably should.   I know it would be worth it because just knowing I’ve got to meet with someone and be accountable would kick me in the ass a bit.

I’m going to keep up with my own routine.   I’ve been getting out early to ride or walk more often and I’ll keep doing that.  I’ll keep swimming, of course.  But working on the weights, machines and free weights, having access to classes, etc. will be an added value.  G and I can do it together some, but I know she’ll be going more than I will.  That’s good.  It will make her get out of the house and get comfortable going places on her own more.  She needs that.

And hopefully, in a year, you’ll see these two divas dash over the finish line in Boulder! 


4 thoughts on “Hell Or…

  1. Good for you! I work out 3 times a week (most of the time) and even though I am still overweight, I feel pretty good. As always, so hard to go to the gym, so worth it afterwards!

  2. I’ve no doubt that the trainer was stunned by your fitness. I’m always amazed by your workouts. I’m a big gym rat. I love my gym. People of all ages, friendly, helpful, sometimes hilarious.

    A young guy grabbed his ankles and was hopping around the track, like a frog. An old guy asked him, “What the hell are you training for, the circus?”

    We lost an older guy last year and had an informal memorial telling stories about him. He would have loved it.

    I have the set up in the bsmt and use it when pressed for time, but nothing compares to da gym!

    Thanks for the post. I enjoyed it.

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