Apparently my uper-swamped boss finally got around to looking at some stats or something, and realized I wasn’t working my agreed-upon schedule.  I was quite honest with her and just said I am too much of a morning person to work a noon to 8 pm shift.  I know myself.  When I’m tired, I make far too many stupid mistakes, and I really can’t afford that.  I proposed my 7-3 shift.  She came back with a split shift, 5-9 am then 4-8 pm.  I worked it today.  I don’t know.  Maybe.  G had a quilting class, so I wasn’t working while she was gone which was nice, and I’d still be able to swim during the mid day and hit the gym when it would be less crowded.  Maybe.  I’m giving it a shot today and tomorrow, then will respond on Monday.  No one checks the email on weekends anyway.

In other news, I got a new swimsuit!

Isn’t it cool?  I went round and round about the sizing, but it fits great and boy, what a difference it made swimming yesterday.  My old suit was SO stretched out it was like swimming in street clothes.  It didn’t look that way dry, but once I got in the water—SAG!  This one supports me, and it’s lined, so offers a bit of extra protection should the water be chilly.  I swam 1500 yards last night in about the same time it took me to swim 1000 yards the week before.  I hope to be adding a few days in the pool.  I should never stay out of the water as long as I did.  It’s truly my therapy.

I am liking the gym.  I like having the weight machines, working those muscle groups that I can’t always get at the house.  G really likes it and it’s making her get out and do things on her own which is great.  I hope we can head over there in the morning after the first half of my shift.   The physical activity is helping.  I’m doing okay dealing with my daughter because, you know what?  There’s nothing to deal with.  She’s not a kid anymore, she’s 30 years old.  I think maybe this move to Denver will really be the impetus she needs to actually grow up.   She’s in a different space in more ways than one.  She’s got her GED and 3 semesters of college, with a Dean’s List to add.   And she’s got older kids to help her.  It might help the boys to be more responsible, too.  And, if the trend holds, she’s got a good 60 years or so ahead of her…plenty of time for her to figure things out.  So, babies aren’t my thing.  That’s okay.  If she stays in Denver, at least she can’t ask me to babysit, right?

Always a silver lining.


4 thoughts on “Busted

  1. Can’t tell you how much I admire you, for so many things but you’ve really nailed it with your detachment from your daughter’s problems. I wrote a long, boring email, to you, about the drama we’ve had with kids, babies, drugs, around here. Thank God that I deleted it! You certainly don’t need any input from me.

    Now, if I could just turn myself into a morning person and make myself hit the pool….

    Best regards!

    • Peg, never worry about sending an e-mail. Sometimes it just helps to get all that “stuff” out there. Hang in!

  2. Love the new suit! I was looking at the swimmers during the Olympics and said to T: that’s the kind of suit I need!
    I’m really glad you are back in the pool and doing active things. It makes such a difference!
    And, like Peg said, your detachment from your daughter’s situation is great. Healthy. Sane. Reasonable. And, yes, thankfully you are too far for the drop-in babysitting!
    Stay strong, GG!

    • e–you should TOTALLY get the suit. It does not have a cris/cross back and I was worried that the straps would fall, but the back scoop is high and they didn’t move. It’s also lined. I would definitely recommend it. It’s also about half the price of the suit I just traded it for.

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