Haiku Monday – Unexpected

Yesterday morning, right before I signed on to work at 5 am, I went over to the host blog to read who won the honors of the “Up” haiku and found to my utter surprise that it was me.  I really was taken aback–not because I didn’t think my haiku was good–but because it had been such a spur of the moment entry.  Equally serendipitous was that the blogger had turned the actual judging of the contest over to a house guest, and it was his/her decision that ruled.  So, the whole thing really just seemed like the luck of the draw.  Right place, right time, right haiku.  😉

And now it’s my turn to host again.  After encountering that pleasant but completely unexpected surprise yesterday, I decided that this would be the theme for Monday’s haiku–the unexpected.

It happens all the time.  Plans and schedules go awry, we end up in a place we never thought we’d be, either geographically or emotionally, we open a letter from a long-lost acquaintance we never thought we’d hear from again, our closest friends or loved ones do things that leave us shaking our heads in awe, grief and everything in between.  There are million ways the unexpected creeps up on us.  Sometimes it’s funny, sometimes disastrous, sometimes just confusing.

Unexpected, surprising, serendipitous, WTF, and holy shit!  It runs the full gamut and I can’t wait to see what unexpected gems you’ll have for me this week.   A quick review of the rules:

1. 5-7-5 format.
2. Enter as many times as you’d like …. but only 2 will be judged.  Just let me know which ones.  Put your entries in the comments section of this post with links your blog or whatever visuals, etc. you wish to accompany your haiku.  If you don’t have a blog, please leave me some way to get in touch with you.  Entries without contact information will not be considered.  This is based on what happened to me last time I hosted and an “Anonymous” poster won and could not be informed.
3. Visuals, Audio, etc are always accepted!
4. Entries must be in by Monday, August 27, by midnight MST.  Any questions, please post in comments or email me.

I have high expectations that I will unexpectedly thrilled by all of you.  Have a great weekend doing your haiku. 




24 thoughts on “Haiku Monday – Unexpected

  1. Congrats GG. I had to miss last week, but that gave me fresh material. One visual at Serendipity’s.

    Blue-gray in sunlight —
    so close — delights the elders!
    Surprise heron preens.

    Solid smooth limestone;
    featureless gray expanse, then:
    “Trilobite fossil!”

    • I LOVE coming upon those unexpected treasures on walks out. I have encountered both of the above in similar circumstances. Thanks for the reminders!

  2. February warmth.
    Scorching May yields cool August.
    No rhyme nor season.

    From nowhere, forces
    Conspire, baffle, interrupt.
    Peace in surrender.


    No true surprises.
    Universe presents it all.
    We invite, receive.

  3. Oooh, czar, you intrigue me. I am assuming by the order that you want the first two judged? Please let me know if you prefer otherwise. Lovely entries!

    • Oh, grins, I love this. Reminds me of my days as a paralegal. Mostly it reminds me how glad I am NOT to be a paralegal any more! 😉

  4. another one for fun

    I’m feeling nauseous
    need to go to the bathroom
    Blue, please blue. Pink. Whoops

    I’ll try to do a real one. These just came to mind.

  5. this week my haiku seem to come out as two sides of the same coin so to speck. Hope you enjoy them.

    a moment in time
    fluttering of butterflies
    unexpected joy

    seconds, minutes stop
    thunder crashes life shattered
    unexpected death

  6. As Saul Alinsky said, “Don’t worry, boys, we’ll weather this storm of approval and come out as hated as ever.” Thanks, Fleur.

    Hey (not to hijack GG’s HM), but you know that play I sent you to? How many people were in the audience? Turns out at least half a dozen would have known the czarina and me.

    • Well, I would have loved to meet them! As I said, we had to clear out of the theatre–so we didn’t get the chance to linger and chat! The arms of the Csar and Csarina are long!

  7. Here are my entries:

    Some moonlight moonshine.
    Kissing cousins’ truth or dare.
    A shotgun wedding.

    Oscar telecast.
    Favorite wins; no speech prepared?
    Please! I call bullshit.

  8. Good Monday morning all! I haven’t been around to play for the last couple weeks, but i’m back today. Sort of. I was missing writing haiku, so even though i’m still out of town, i’m playing! lol

    I see there are already some fantastic ‘ku up!

    Here are my 2 for the week:

    5 years in, still strong.
    5 long hours drive; apart
    Will you Marry me?

    Planning our wedding
    Can’t wait to live together
    WHAT? Pregnant mistress?

    No visuals …. just the ‘ku.
    Have a wonderful week everyone! =)

  9. This was left on my blog from…Wreckless EuroafricanAugust 27, 2012 1:12 AM

    I look up at you
    You stab my heart with love
    I fall for your trap

  10. Good afternoon Grumy Granny,

    2 to post and I’m up with a visual at the Korner.

    From the government
    and I’m here to help you.
    Abandon Freedom!

    Deep concentration
    Which, Red one or blue one…BOOM!
    You son of a Bitch!

    @ All: Each and every one is a pleasure read! And several, I would love to have the stories behind;)

    • Karl, oh my! Those are a couple of really strong haiku. I agree with you, am loving ALL of these. You guys are definitely making my job really difficult. I’m so happy! 😉

  11. Grumpy Granny

    Congrats to you and Grins on your wins whilst I was out. I have just one for you this week, and, sadly (at least to me) no visuals or posting of any kind.

    Heart beats tried and true
    Life sweeps out from under foot
    Flutters, sputters… stops

    Be well and happy–


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