Perhaps A Not Unexpected Winner

Thank you, all players, for such wonderful haiku this week.  It’s obvious that the unexpected comes at us from places both beautiful and terrible.  As expected, narrowing the entries down was difficult.  This week, Nature seemed to provide many unexpected delights:

From Serendipity:

Blue-gray in sunlight —
so close — delights the elders!
Surprise heron preens.

I have seen those “surprise herons” on my walks along the Arkansas down here in Pueblo.   Always a thrill.  Czar continued the nature with with a head-scratcher about the recent weather, definitely true out here in Colorado:

February warmth.
Scorching May yields cool August.
No rhyme nor season.

Then, Becca gave us a little gem on brilliant wings.  I don’t know about you, but when a butterfly crosses my path, I simply HAVE to stop and watch it.  Everything else disappears:

a moment in time
fluttering of butterflies
unexpected joy

Dan, of course, reminds us that Nature is not always sweetness and light–and that we’d better watch where we step:

Slinking through the weeds,
I stalk wary antelope
Ssssserpent rears its head.

Of course, our own lives often provide the most unexpected events, as evidenced fleurdeleo:

Some moonlight moonshine.
Kissing cousins’ truth or dare.
A shotgun wedding.

And Blazingfyre:

Planning our wedding
Can’t wait to live together
WHAT? Pregnant mistress?

And finally, Death, while not exactly unexpected, does often, if not always, take us by surprise.  Karl and Rafael illustrate this brilliantly in totally different ways:

Deep concentration
Which, Red one or blue one…BOOM!
You son of a Bitch!

Heart beats tried and true
Life sweeps out from under foot
Flutters, sputters… stops

All that bounty, and I have to choose only one.  Each of the haiku above grabbed me in different ways, but there was one that really made me sit up and take notice, mostly because I actually did a double-take when I read it.

Therefore, this week’s Haiku Monday winner is…Dan!  The image of a hunter on the prowl for an antelope being startled by a snake has stayed in my head.  That’s the mark of a great haiku, in my book.  I don’t have links to his page as they don’t seem to work, but hopefully he’ll see it here.  Now the ball’s back in his court and I can’t wait to find out the next theme.  Happy Haiku-ing!


11 thoughts on “Perhaps A Not Unexpected Winner

  1. Good afternoon Grumpy Granny,

    Congratulations Dan, Grins, Curmudgeon! (Is there something you should let us know about, regarding all these aliases?) I look foward to your topic for next week.

    GG: Thank you for hosting and judging! Dans was a good choice.
    My second one was more of a practical joke them of death. I should have linked the post for easier access. If you wish to see the visual it’s here.

    Fleur: you always come up with a good one. For your viewing pleasure: Kissin’ Cousins

  2. Congratulations Dan/Grins/Curmudgeon!
    A well deserved win!

    GG, you did an awesome job of hosting AND choosing; there were some real good ones!

    Excellent job everyone! =)

  3. I had a link to the contest post posted and have been using that, so I didn’t see I’d won again. I will post a new topic. Thank’s Granny and all your congratulations.

  4. Reckon I’se out to lunch–missed this entirely. Will hop over to Grins to see new theme–congrats on yore win Curmudgy!

    Granny, jes’ a quick change of subject–read your What I’m Reading an’ found ya read Mary Doria Russell! hooray!

    When I read Sparrow I wuz knocked back too–ain’t always on Mary’s same page ( bein’ orthodox Catholic) but she is authentic. Wanna tell ya I met her via a mutual friend while Mary wuz researchin’ Doc–fantastic stories from Doc’s grand niece who opened family archives to Mary. Mary is quiet. Even shy. Her characters are so vivid that I expected her own personality to be outgoing. Instead I found her to be a keen observer of all that goes on around her. She told me she always has a book in her head for awhile before it jells. Interesting writer.

    • Aunty–thank you for sharing that. Her being shy (or introspective) does not surprise me. I think many people who read this blog might be surprised if they were to meet me in person. I’m thrilled to find another fan of her work. “Doc” was my favorite to date, although “Sparrow” simply knocked me over with its brilliance–writing, characterization, and the story itself.

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