Haiku Monday – Hunger

Well, Dan or Curmudgeon or Grins or however he wants to be known, put up the new haiku Monday theme–hunger.  I thought, okay, this will be a snap.  And, truthfully, a couple of haiku showed up, but boy were they NOT what I had in mind.  And they had nothing to do with food.  That’s the way of poetry, though.  It takes you to places you didn’t even know you had.  My two for Monday, with photos.

Invective, slander.
Muckrakers’ glee fills the world.
My hunger?  Nov. 7

Ravenous memory,
Images of bygone love.
Sleep’s a long way off.


3 thoughts on “Haiku Monday – Hunger

  1. Per your comment
    Yeah on the can of sealer it says six years. It still doesn’t last two. I know they grow grapes in the abbey – winery towards Canyon City, but other than that I haven’t the slightest idea. I can’t grow grass, and Ive killed two trees, but then I don’t give a damn what grows or dies in my yard. I’d rather have gravel. That cloth sounds like a great idea. I’m going to tell the boss about that.

    Mine is primarily a humor column. I try to be funny, so I lie and exaggerate about every thing. As my disclaimer states in my profile, It’s a fact free column. If the facts are wrong, I probably already know it. If it’s insulting…too bad. Now, if it’s not funny, then I’ll get concerned.

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