Still Here, Really

Been a minute.  Lots going on.  Had a wonderful vacation with my friend/classmate from SF, same one we stayed with for a while last year, and who introduced us to Jerome, AZ.  We didn’t do a lot, but that was fine with me.  I think G was a little frustrated, but I definitely needed a sequence of days of just not doing very much.  Went back to work this morning feeling refreshed and relaxed.  She cooked, I cooked, we cooked.  It was fun and oh, so DELICIOUS!  She also gave me/us a lovely hostess gift that I will use with relish for years to come.

I also got a call on a resume I submitted, was asked to test online and did that.  Told them I was on vacation this week, with company.  This is for a call center just down the street from the house, so keep your fingers crossed.  I have to find something that pays better.  I can’t live on 4 cents a line.  Even being robotic for 4 hours at a time I’m just not that fast.

In other news, Skittles is settling in nicely.  She got her stitches out and her maternal instinct (carrying and “nursing” her little toys) is fading.  Now she plays with the toys like a terrier.  That’s good.  She’s getting her voice–doesn’t bark much at all, but now quite territorial.  Next door neighbor Steve said she barked at him out the window the other night when we were gone.  Good girl!

We’ve had RAIN!  All day yesterday and hopefully more today.  It’s 54 degrees and overcast.  My kind of weather.  Now it’s back to the gym routine and hopefully will can several pints of pickled peppers when I get back.

Later, ‘taters.


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