Getting ready to go pick apples at a local orchard here in a bit, but wanted to share a bit of the bounty that’s been coming our way.  I “put up” my first batch of pickled peppers that I did ALL BY MYSELF yesterday.  The tomatoes have been sporadic but the peppers, wow, off the hook.

I decided I wanted to do small whole peppers in a small batch.  I finall found a recipe that made 4 pints, which I divided into 8 half pints.  Really, this is easy.  You just have to make sure everything is clean, clean, CLEAN.

The final products are in the pantry now.  I might test them in three weeks or so, or let them sit a bit longer.  I’m thinking sliced on sandwiches, on eggs, all kinds of things.

The yard and gardens are winding down.  G of course has been out yanking and pulling and chopping and organizing.  I’m just enjoying the slightly cooler weather, the hint of fall in the air in the mornings and evenings and the changing angles and intensity of the light each day.  I watch the sun change where it rises day by day.  Standing on the back porch a few weeks ago, I pointed at a nearly 45 degree angle from my body with my left hand and there was the sun.  Now, I’m almost pointing straight ahead at the same time of day.  It’s so interesting to watch the seasons change, to feel the oranging of the light as it hits our little bit of the planet at a slightly shallower angle. 

Other creatures are getting ready, too.  The bronze fennel is now host to lots of critters:

We have about four of these big plants now and all of them have the swallowtail caterpillars and ladybugs on them.  The whole yard in that area smells like an Italian restaurant as the day gets warmer.  I should be able to pick my own fennel seed shortly.  Here’s a close up of another butterfly-to-be:

I love the colors and hues as the season winds to a close.  So much warmth.

The apples are picked, Jonathan, McIntosh (my mother’s favorite), Golden Delicious and Ollello’s Gold, specific only to a few orchards around here.  There’ll be pies soon, and crisps and applesauce.  And I picked about 5 pounds of the deepest, purpliest/blueish plums and I’m going to try my hand at crockpot plum jam!  I’ll let you know how it goes.

Happy Fall, ya’ll!


6 thoughts on “Fallish

  1. Beautiful pix of the garden! I love the caterpillars!!!
    I have made about 150 jars of jam this summer (no exaggeration!) and a couple dozen jars of dill pickles. It is so very satisfying to put up your own produce, or farmer’s market produce. My jam is fantastic! Love your peppers…

  2. Wow, e, you be jammin! LOL. Will you eat that much or do you give it away? The recipe I use will need to be frozen, so I’m just making a small batch. I am loving doing small batches so that we can use it all up and not be overwhelmed. Except for marinara sauce. You can never have too much home canned marinara sauce!!

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