Will You Help?

If you look over to the right, at my blog roll, you’ll see one that I call “Apples to Apples.”  I can’t remember exactly how I found this blog, but I keep checking it out because the author intrigues me.  Maybe because she’s young, maybe because she’s a runner or because she’s traveled across the country by herself a number of times.  Regardless, I keep looking her up because I like her photographs and her determination–to run, to finish school, to flourish despite those dark things that lurk in so many of our backgrounds.

I looked in on her yesterday and discovered she’s had some tough setbacks.  All good words to the contrary, getting an education in this country these days is tough under the best of circumstances.  Tossing a health condition into the mix makes things exponentially more difficult.  To learn that your much needed and counted on financial aid has evaporated would put most people under immediately.  But Amy is persevering.  She’s put up a funding link.  When I saw that, I immediately asked if I could link to it here and on my FB page.

I know everyone is hard up these days–you’ve heard me whine about it way too much.  But think of this:  I average between 50 and 70 hits on this blog a day, not a lot, but decent.  I have a pretty good number of FB friends, too.  Again, not huge but more than a few.  If each one of those people were to give $10.00–less than the price of a pizza–Amy would be on the way to having her final year of college paid for.  With luck, she might get some medical assistance, too.

I’m going to donate and I’d love it if you’d help out, too.  There are certainly many worthy causes out there, and maybe you already give to some.  We do, too.  But this is close to home.  This is small.  This is one person, doing her best to get what she wants out of life.

Let’s help her, shall we?  Thank you so very much!



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