Plum Good

You know how sometimes, you’ll pick up a magazine and every single thing in it is something you’ve been looking for?  Well a couple months ago, I picked up one of these because it had an article about grilled pizza–something I’ve been doing a lot of this summer, and seriously, this little magazine was a gold mine!  There was an entire article on cherry tomatoes, of which we have an over abundance.  There was the pizza article and there was a great article on pickling and preserving in small batches.  I know, for me, I’ve been hesitant to do canning because it seems like you have to do so much of it without knowing if you’ll use it all.   These batches were for 3 to 5 pints, very doable.   And THEN, they had this recipe for preserves that looked so easy I had to try it.  And guess what?  It was probably the easiest thing I’ve ever made, and dear Goddess, so yummy.  I had to share it.

So, remember when we went to pick apples?  We also got some beautiful plums, just for this recipe:

They were just so lovely on the trees–a joy to pick.  We had a good amount of plums on our tree, but the tree has now grown so high they were out of reach.  Lucky birds.  So, the recipe:

Stone Fruit Preserves (peaches, plums, apricots, cherries)
Three pounds of fruit
1/4 C sugar

Yep.  That’s it.  Here’s what you do.  Halve and pit the fruit:

Put the fruit and the sugar in your crock pot:

Turn on high and cook for two hours.  Again, your house will smell amazing, and you’ll have this at the end:

Since this is such a small batch, you can definitely use your trusty potato masher:

And because I can never leave anything alone, I added 1/4 tsp of cinnamon, 1/4 tsp of ginger and 1/8 tsp of cardamom.  Stir in well.  Spoon into half-pint jars, add lid and let cool.  These are freezer preserves so, then pop them in the freezer to use this winter.   This recipe makes about 5 to 6 half pints.  I opened the first one last night and oh my goodness.  Heaven!

Great for gifts, too.  Keeps in the freezer three to six months, in the fridge a couple of weeks, but trust me, they won’t last that long.

Enjoy, and thank you, Vegetarian Times!


4 thoughts on “Plum Good

  1. I just made a batch of plum jam last weekend! Also some pear vanilla jam. And… well, I won’t go into how many batches of jam I have made this summer… suffice it to say that if the apocalypse happens tomorrow, we’ll be fine for jam.

    I love the small batch canning. I don’t do freezer jam, but the water bath canning isn’t difficult ~ especially if you are doing small batches. Love the flavors, the colors, and just being able to preserve our own produce and that from the farmer’s market. Check out Marisa McClellan’s blog “Food In Jars” for lots of great, small batch recipes. She’s so good, I even bought her book!

    This weekend I’m making your and G’s recipe for applesauce. I think I’m going to try it in the slow cooker… just need to buy some Red Hots!

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