Again, Transition

I think I might have mentioned a few posts ago that I went on a job interview.  It was at a call center just down the street from the house, within walking/biking distance, and it was on an account that handled time-share accounts, dealing with time-share owners, etc.  The interview was good.  I got to stretch my muscles a little bit there.  Downside was sales–not really direct sales, but still, there were quotas and “metrics.”  Oh, how I hate that buzzword.  That and “leverage.”   I’m like John Cusak in “Say Anything”, a movie I have never seen, only that scene where he tells his girlfriend’s father that he doesn’t want to sell anything.  I so relate to that.  I hate sales.  I know some people say life is all about selling yourself, selling whatever, but I hate it anyway.  Do you want it?  Buy it or save up for it.  Then get it.  If you don’t want it, I’m not going to waste my time trying to talk you into it.

So, after the good interview, when the interviewer asked me to add some things to my resume which were outside the chronology I had listed, I went home, thought about it and then emailed her and told her I wasn’t interested in persuing things any further.  That felt good.  Relief.  Light.  I got clear again.  I want to stay here and work.  That’s the decision.

So.  What does Abraham always say?  Align your vibration.  I did that.  My vibration very clearly said, “Stay home and keep working.”  So, what happened?  The next day, I got a call from a recruiter from another transcription company.  Smaller company.  DOES NOT OFFSHORE any work.  A former co-worker at my other company referred me.  He knew a lot of the people I had worked for and a couple of them work there now.  So, we got down to brass tacks and here’s the deal–I’ll be on one specialty account–a big teaching hospital in Florida, lots of ESL, but what else is new, higher line rate for straight transcription AND speech, and–get this–I will work three 12-hour shifts on Saturday, Sunday and Monday and have FOUR DAYS OFF!!!!!  Can I get a WOOT?  or even a WHEEE!?!?  That’s about as close to being retired as I’m going to get.  My shift will be 7 am to 1 pm, then a 5-hour break and work from 6 pm to midnight.  I’ll get my early mornings back for myself, I’ll have Friday night off for socializing and the rest of the time, well, let’s just see what unfolds.  My last day at the current place is tomorrow.  Training on the new job starts Wednesday and that will be 9-5 until they release me, so I’ll be a busy bee for a while.

G’s a little anxious about it–I could read it like a book.  She thinks I’m going to sit around all day and mope, I guess.  Or sleep.  Or whatever.  Doing anything that she classifies as “not busy.”  But I have a plan and I want to set a schedule for myself just so that exact thing won’t happen.  Which is not to say I won’t take a nap or two.  But I plan to use this time that’s been given to me and not twiddle it away.  This is a blessing.  I’ll miss the weekend stuff and I’ll have to finish watching DTWS online, but FOUR DAYS OFF.   AND an actual raise. 

See?  Alignment and clarity.  That’s all it takes.


5 thoughts on “Again, Transition

  1. This is terrific. I hope the re-training and settling into the new schedule goes smoothly. I also hope the days off allow some head-space for your writing! To some observers that might appear to be “not busy” but you know better!

  2. Congrats on the change! I love my 4/10’s – having Friday off to get errands done, appointments covered (except too many service providers in Pueblo take Friday’s off!). The only thing I have to say that is negative is that I am really tired on some Thursdays. I’ve learned that taking at least from noon on Sunday ‘off’ is the only way I can get through the week ahead without being exhausted by Thursday evening. This Sunday wouldn’t have been a good example – canned 6 1/2 pints of raspberry jam and a quart of rosemary vinegar, made two grated apple cakes, made home made marinara with the last of the tomatoes from my one (not so) Early girl and a big batch of chili. The first hint of true autumn air and I am in the mood to cook up a storm. I am trying to get dinner ready to go for most of the week so it is easier to finish when I get home sometime between 5:30 and 6. Otherwise we eat at 8 and that is just too late. For next years garden I think I am going to limit to a couple of (not so) Early Girl tomatoes, herbs (which were amazing this year) and squash. I bought seeds at the dollar store on a whim and have about 10 acorn squash and 10 butternut squash. They should keep for awhile in cool storage. We have a lot of wild flowers that also came up courtesy of the dollar store so I am going to harvest the seeds this weekend and plant them next year. BTW – when I worked weekends I found that while there were some things that I missed – events that only occur on the weekends I found others to take their place. There were cultural events that occurred mid-week that I’d previously hadn’t been able to go to, I could take my time in errands as it was far less chaotic and decided (this was awhile ago) that I now understood what the VCR ‘record’ function was made for! The only downside was that others weren’t as available to ‘play’ during the week so would arrange to meet when we could. With your break in schedule it might be possible to meet for coffee or tea in your break time. I haven’t been back to the little coffee/wine place on Mesa Junction – hope they are still in business! Take care and best of luck on the change!


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