Wish Upon…

Yesterday, a FB friend posted that the Orionid meteor shower would be visible today several hours before sunrise.  Ever the space geek, I decided that we should try to view this.  G agreed, and so I set the alarm for 4:30.  Of course, I was pretty much awake already and headed to the kitchen to make a pot of coffee.  G. surprised me by waking right up and we headed to the hot tub with mugs in hand.  It has been unseasonably warm, only in the low 50s, and the tub temp was just right.  The placement of the tub, at the northeast corner of the house, is perfect.  The house blocks the illumination from the street light on the corner and the trees and other cover block the rest of it at ground level, leaving the overhead view open.  It really is in about the darkest place in the yard–perfect for stargazing. 

The couple of hours before sunrise really are absolutely magic, especially on a Sunday.  There is nothing else like it.  You can feel the somnolence over the world–the houses dark and quiet, a car only every so often on the highway.  Even the steel mill was quiet.  G had filled the tub and we displaced enough water to where everything was reflected back on the surface like an infinity pool.  We could see Venus due east, glimmering through the still-leafy plum tree.  Orion hung over our right shoulders, and propping our heads on the sides of the tub, we waited, quiet, happy, content.  There was enough of a breeze to breathe the wind chimes into soft sound, but everything else was hushed–the world holding its breath before a new day.  When we spoke, it was in whispers, in keeping with the morning mood.  We watched.  We waited.  Finally, between one blink and the next, almost directly overhead, we saw one quick, brilliant flash.  Must have been a very small bit of debris to burn up so fast.  We hung out a while longer, getting pruney, but that was the only show we got. With everything else, though, it was more than enough–a time out of time, just being together, warm, content, at peace and ease with each other and the Universe.  I couldn’t wish for anything more.


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