It’s after midnight and I am beat.  Just finished my 3-day work week, only it wasn’t really because we kept meeting our goals and having to log off (partly, I think because of the nasty weather back East), so I still haven’t really got the feel for this.  I’ll have to make up about 10 hours over the next 4 days, which won’t be too bad.  Getting the kinks worked out, etc.  In the meantime, fun stuff.

When we got Skittles, it was pretty obvious that she had only been hand-fed off a plate, with human food.  It took us the better part of a week to get her to understand that these little brown things were HER food and she wasn’t getting anything off our plates.  I literally had to sit down on the floor and pretend to eat the dog food and then give it to her by hand.  She seemed scared of her doggie bowl and still prefers to eat off a paper plate rather than a bowl. 

Peaches got to be quite the begger in her last years, and I find that really annoying, so we decided that Skittles wouldn’t have that temptation.  Until G gave in.  First it was just a dollop of ice cream on the lid of the container.  Then…

That made her happy, but she decided it wasn’t enough.  She REALLY wanted it all for herself:

I cleaned my plate, mom, can I have some more??

I’m off to bed, now, but stay tuned.  More fun stuff soon.  There are some changes coming Chez Grumpy!


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